Software facilitates OEE monitoring and analysis.

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Providing comprehensive, actionable root cause analysis, Proficy(TM) Machine Tool Efficiency v4.0 digitizes information generated throughout factories into virtual plant that offers anywhere, anytime access. This Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) solution provides suite of remote diagnostic tools that maximize MTBF, minimize MTTR, and can populate fields in CMMS. Real-time information portal provides Web-based solution that displays set of standard OEE-related screens and reports.

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GE Fanuc Announces Proficy(TM) Machine Tool Efficiency 4.0

Breakthrough Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Monitoring and Analysis Solution Digitizes Information To Be Accessed Anywhere, Anytime

Provides Insightful, Actionable Analysis By Collecting Comprehensive Root Cause Data From Machine Tools and Other Assets

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - September 6, 2006 - GE Fanuc Automation, Inc., a unit of GE Industrial, is announcing the availability of Proficy(TM) Machine Tool Efficiency (MTE) 4.0 a breakthrough Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) monitoring and analysis solution that digitizes the information being generated throughout factories into a "virtual plant" that can be accessed where, when and how you need it. Proficy Machine Tool Efficiency will be demonstrated at IMTS 2006, September 6 - 13 at Chicago's McCormick Place.

Proficy Machine Tool Efficiency is an unique turnkey solution incorporating the most powerful machine tool connectivity solutions available to provide the most comprehensive, actionable root cause analysis. It also provides a suite of remote diagnostic tools to maximize mean-time between failures (MTBF) and minimize mean-time to repair (MTTR), and can be used to populate fields in Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) to deliver the promise of true usage-based preventative maintenance.

"GE Fanuc is the domain experts in machine tools and discrete process," said Mark Brownhill, Product Manager, Machine Tool Solutions. "We have the technical know-how, the software, hardware and services capabilities to provide the complete OEE solution off-the-shelf, and we will be there when you need us. GE's Six Sigma training also means that everyone is educated in the DMIAC continuous improvement process, so we can help after the product is installed."

Proficy Machine Tool Efficiency 4.0 introduces the Proficy MTE Real-Time Information Portal, a web-based solution that displays a comprehensive set of standard OEE related screens and reports. It also can fully integrate on-line data systems from other GE Fanuc, third party and internal legacy systems. Integrating web-based graphical presentation, sophisticated trending, statistical analysis and notification services, it is the complete solution for making decisions throughout manufacturing businesses. As a result, it enables real time decision support, continuous process improvement and enhances the return on current and future asset investments.

Proficy Machine Tool Efficiency is a web-based application that includes four primary components:
· Proficy MTE Real-Time Information Portal provides visualization and reporting of efficiency and other data. It also provides an easy-to-use, custom reporting tool for data sources from around the enterprise.
· Proficy MTE Manager collects intelligent machine condition information about machine tools and other assets from Proficy MTE Workstations and creates insightful analysis.
· Proficy MTE Workstation integrates and normalizes the information gathered from individual machines and translates it into intelligent condition information for the Proficy MTE Manager.
· Proficy MTE Connections use a variety of hardware and software protocols to collect the most comprehensive data possible on availability, performance and quality.

Proficy Machine Tool Efficiency 4.0 combines the best plant performance analysis system and machine tool connectivity solutions in the marketplace, and is highly differentiated in a number of critical dimensions. Overall, it focuses on enabling greater levels of analysis, reporting and flexibility than any product of its kind.

Proficy Machine Tool Efficiency provides insightful, actionable analysis by collecting comprehensive root cause data from machine tools and other assets. Most OEE systems rely on data collected from just a few discrete points to provide a simplistic OEE calculation using only run-time, downtime and idle time information. In contrast, GE Fanuc's CNC and machine tool industry domain expertise combined with unique hardware and software connectivity solutions, allows Proficy Machine Tool Efficiency to collect hundreds of values and signals to determine status and pinpoint the associated root cause.

· Data collected includes: Active Part Program ID, Parts Count, more than 400 CNC error messages, up to 256 machine tool builder messages, numerous discrete signals to determine the operational mode, up to 64 operator entered idle reason codes, up to 64 manually entered quality-related reason codes.

· Connectivity solutions include: Embedded Ethernet and Fast Ethernet, High-speed serial bus (HSSB), IO-Link, OPC for Open/PC-based systems, OPC for PLC based systems, Discrete PLC data collection and custom serial and discrete interfaces.

Proficy Machine Tool Efficiency is uniquely designed to leverage the powerful technology of a historian application, allowing companies to reliably capture far more production data than traditional MES tools. Proficy Machine Tool Efficiency's historian technology also allows analysis of past production and efficiency data, and calculation of OEE and production management information for production runs that are even several years old.

With a modular and scalable design, Proficy Machine Tool Efficiency can be quickly applied in phases to machines, cells, lines, factories or locations required at the time. Then, as needs change, new assets can easily and cost effectively be added to further expand the value of the overall application.

IMTS is the location for the first ever state-of-the-art GE Fanuc Industrial Software Pavilion, now located in the South Hall, showcasing the full line of software solutions available to machine tool builders and manufacturers today. In addition, to mark the 20 year anniversary of the joint venture with our technology partner, FANUC LTD, GE Fanuc plans to demonstrate this solid platform of experience, growth, cooperation and collaboration with FANUC LTD and FANUC Robotics through an all emcompassing demonstrations of manufacturing technology.

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