Software facilitates financial/operational data exchange.

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Export Bridge Software, part of EasiAccess(TM) software suite, enables passing of information between ALI's systems and clients' operational and financial systems in secure environment. This eliminates need for client to perform redundant data entry in their systems, facilitating synchronization of data between client and ALI systems.

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Order Fulfillment Company Announces Expanded Software Capabilities.

Alternative Logistics, Inc Introduces Its Export Bridge Software

Alternative Logistics, Inc. (ALI) announces a significant expansion of its EasiAccess(TM) software suite. The company's order fulfillment services include order processing, inventory management & purchasing, shipping, accounts receivable, warehousing, & product handling.

ALI's co-owner, Kevin Kelly, explained, "ALI has developed standard mechanisms for data integration and exchange referred to as data bridges. ALI's Order Import Bridge currently provides support for the reliable and secure passing of order information between the client's systems and ALI's order processing system. ALI is now introducing our Export Bridge software, which will enable passing information between ALI's systems and the client's operational and financial systems in a secure system environment. The Export Bridge completes the cycle, eliminating the need for the client to perform redundant data entry in their systems, enabling the synchronization of data between the client's and ALI's systems, and providing for online reporting and analysis previously unavailable to the client without significant data entry and/or program development."

The Export Bridge takes information from ALI's systems, and prepares this data in a format which can be readily accepted and automatically passed in a secure manner to the client's systems without manual data entry. The Export Bridge significantly reduces the time and expense required for the client to run their business.

The Export Bridge is part of ALI's proprietary EasiAccess(TM) software, a suite of software products designed to facilitate connectivity between a client's systems and ALI's systems.

Alternative Logistics, Inc. is an order fulfillment company based in Nashua, New Hampshire whose clients are located throughout the U.S. and worldwide.
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