Software facilitates data collection on plant floor.

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Designed to link machine data from plant floor directly to SQL database via Ethernet, OMS Operation and Maintenance System makes machine statistics and efficiency available in central database that can be transferred to any ERP system. All interfaces for OMS are written in Microsoft ASP.Net, so access is available from any location on net with correct privileges.

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INTEG Process Group Release OMS: Linking Small JAVA Based IO Devices to our Central SQL Database for Efficient Data Collection on the Plant Floor

OMS - Operation and Maintenance System

Wexford PA, March 14th, 2007. INTEG Process Group is pleased to announce its new OMS system. OMS links machine data from the plant floor directly to an SQL database via the Ethernet. Machine statistics and efficiency are now easily available in a central database that can be quickly transferred to any ERP system.

Adam Green - INTEG's Vice President of Business Development commented: "We have seen a big disconnect between Enterprise Systems and data from the shop floor. Getting that data from individual machines or devices has always been a chore. Now our OMS system makes it very easy to transmit any analog or digital "real world" data back to a central database. The beauty of the system is that it makes no difference whether it's 20 stamping machines in one plant or 1000 gas flow meters spread across the country, OMS can collect the data."

All interfaces for OMS are written in Microsoft ASP.Net hence access will be available from any location on the net with the correct privileges. That could be a PC on the plant floor, the operational director's office or even from someone's home. INTEG have selected Microsoft SQL as it primary database and with data stored in this way, most ERP system can pull the data for analysis.

OMS will be fully released May 1st 2007

"Bridging the gap between the Enterprise and the Shop Floor" has become INTEG's mission
statement. Specializing in integrated hardware and software solutions, INTEG brings Ethernet connectivity and data management to industrial data collection. Using distributed, intelligent JAVA based Ethernet IO devices INTEG has deployed many data monitoring, reporting and control systems, maximizing efficiency and simplicity and lowering costs.

INTEG Process Group, Inc. is a software development & engineering company helping businesses to more effectively control, monitor and manage their industrial assets, bridging the gap between decisionmaking on the plant floor and decision-making in the executive office. INTEG provides Ethernet connectivity and data acquisition solutions; plant floor management tools; software development; process models and control systems to a variety of industries. The company, based in Wexford, PA., can be
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