Software facilitates continuous improvement of operations.

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With C-Suite, users can determine how well manufacturing operation is running against best possible performance. Program identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes performance improvement opportunities; reports expected increases in cash flow and profit; and integrates improvements into existing management and information technology systems to ensure sustainability. Software includes Cash Flow Optimizer, Inventory Optimizer, Flow Optimizer, and Cycle Time Analyzer applications.

Original Press Release:

Factory Physics Inc Introduces C-Suite

Continuous Improvement Software or C-Suite is the first software application of Factory Physics' powerful and predictive scientific framework

CHICAGO, Aug. 19 /-- Factory Physics Inc (FPI), the leading provider of Factory Physics Framework consulting, training and software, announces the latest and third release of their flagship software product, C-Suite.

C-Suite is a comprehensive operations performance solution that:

-- Determines how well a manufacturing operation is running against best possible performance.

-- Identifies, quantifies and prioritizes performance improvement opportunities and clearly reports expected increases in cash flow and profit.

-- Integrates improvements into existing management and information technology systems to ensure sustainability.

The latest C-Suite release includes:

-- Cash Flow Optimizer - the first industry application to enable business managers to optimize cash.

-- Inventory Optimizer - the first and only truly optimal inventory application built on the powerful, practical Factory Physics Framework.

-- Flow Optimizer - the first application to enable managers to maximize throughput, minimize cycle time and set optimal Work-in-Process (WIP) levels.

-- Cycle Time Analyzer - the first application to provide a powerful, practical and scientific description of cycle time that enables business managers to (1) determine the drivers of cycle time and then (2) to greatly reduce cycle times.

"Manufacturing logistics is a balancing act. Anyone can reduce inventory, improve on-time delivery, or reduce cost if they focus on one measure at a time! The real trick is to reduce inventory and improve on-time delivery and to reduce costs. The only way to do that is to have a comprehensive framework that considers all of those conflicting objectives and then optimizes total profitability," said Dr. Mark Spearman, CEO. "This has been a goal of Lean, of Six Sigma, and of every manufacturing software package for the last 40 years. Only recently, has the technology been available to pull it all together and only C-Suite from Factory Physics does it."

About Factory Physics Inc:

Founded in 2001, Factory Physics Inc provides manufacturing performance improvement solutions that:

-- Optimize business design to translate operations strategy into concrete policies and into financial results.

-- Increase throughput, reduce cycle time, improve on-time delivery, optimize work-in-process (WIP) and minimize inventory investment.

-- Optimally utilize existing capacity to keep costs low.

-- Bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

-- Provide an operations framework for best possible executive strategy implementation.

-- Delivered results at more than 30 client locations around the world including double digit improvements to inventory, cycle times and throughput for clients including: Intel, Baxter, Dell, and Medtronic.

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