Software facilitates CAD file transfer and review.

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ActivaultWeb, based on Activault(TM) file management tools and technology, allows safe and authorized SolidWorks file access and sharing via web browser. Operating seamlessly within SolidWorks, web-based tool lets users perform online review of design data, download files, and search for files based on properties. Additional capabilities include viewing configuration data, reviewing file history, and ability to e-mail links to additional users for further review.

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SolidPartners, Inc. Releases ActivaultWeb at SolidWorks World 2006

Web-based Tool for SolidWorks Now Makes 3D File Management Accessible

Emeryville, CA, January 22, 2006: SolidPartners Inc., developers of the Activault(TM) Advanced File Management software for SolidWorks®, today announced the launch of its ActivaultWeb product. Based on the file management tools and technology from its flagship Activault software, ActivaultWeb allows safe, authorized sharing of SolidWorks files across a web browser.

"ActivaultWeb allows all project participants to securely access SolidWorks design files using just a web browser," states Jim Doxey, managing director, SolidPartners Inc. "This means that everyone can see the design files much earlier in the process, maybe comment, make estimates and plan ahead. This is important in streamlining manufacturing while keeping data safe and protected."

Activault is an easy-to-use, advanced file management (or PDM) technology that operates seamlessly within SolidWorks, allowing engineers to protect, manage and share design files easily and rapidly. It can download files from the secure vault which can then be accessed with a URL that can be sent to a recipient via email. Using Activault Web, the recipient can then view, measure and comment on approved SolidWorks files.

ActivaultWeb works as a thin client technology that means that end-users do not have to download software other than a standard web browser. Activault Web enables:

· Online review of design data
· Download of files for local review or NC programming
· Search for files based on properties
· Viewing of configuration data
· Review of a file history
· Email links to additional users for further review

ActivaultWeb is priced at $2,500 per server and will be available for demonstration throughout SolidWorks World 2006 at booth # 124.

About Activault and SolidPartners Inc.

SolidPartners was founded in 1998 as a Solution Provider for SolidWorks and PLM tools. The Activault technology, originally known as AgileWorks(TM), was acquired by the company from Agile Software in 1999.

Now at Version 4.1, Activault provides greater functionality in its PDM tools as well improved interface and implementation capabilities. Activault solves the real-world problems of managing CAD design files, while working behind-the-scenes of the front-end SolidWorks Interface. Pricing for Activault starts at $500. To find out more call: (800) 605-3831 or visit:

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