Software erases all traces of sensitive data.

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Performing all security tasks within Windows environment, DriveScrubber 3 securely erases entire contents of computer, or just free space on hard drive, leaving operating system and applications intact. Program can also wipe data from flash drives, USB hard drives, and digital cameras. Cleaning hard drive above Department of Defense standards, DriveScrubber ensures that deleted files stay beyond reach of data thieves, and even shreds malware that cannot be removed by other methods.

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iolo Launches New Data Security Software

iolo technologies has released its latest version of DriveScrubber data security software (, which erases all traces of sensitive data beyond recovery.

DriveScrubber 3 now performs all security tasks within a familiar Windows environment; in previous releases of the software, some data erasing processes required a reboot.

"Retail sales of DriveScrubber have increased steadily over the last year, showing that computer users are taking their privacy seriously," said Katharine Coble, Director of Channel Sales at iolo. "This positive trend in sales is a mix of consumer awareness with a high-quality product."

DriveScrubber ( securely erases the entire contents of a computer, or just the free space on a hard drive, leaving the operating system and applications intact. While DriveScrubber is most often used to clean unwanted data from a primary hard drive or partition, it also wipes data from flash drives, USB hard drives, and even digital cameras.

People typically assume that deleting a file removes it from the computer's hard drive. In fact, deleting a file removes only the reference to that file, and not the file itself. Space occupied by the file's data is marked as "free space," and unless the data is overwritten, it remains on the drive, as does the evidence of the source file.

Even reformatting a hard drive won't erase the data on it. Formatting removes file allocation information, and it performs other housekeeping functions for data storage, but it does not erase data.

This becomes a real problem when well-intentioned citizens donate or recycle their old computers, not realizing that their systems can be "mined" for the hidden information on the hard drive: bank accounts and passwords, Social Security numbers, electronic tax returns, and so on. According to one MIT study, "74% of discarded PC hard drives contain private data that can be easily read and recovered... even if the drive has been reformatted. "

DriveScrubber cleans a hard drive above DOD (Department of Defense) standards, ensuring that deleted files stay beyond the reach of data thieves, and even shredding stubborn malware that cannot be removed by other methods. A single license of DriveScrubber can be used on up to 3 PCs.

iolo technologies is a privately held software firm based in Los Angeles, California. The company's PC tune-up and security products have won multiple awards for quality and innovation, and are recognized worldwide for the comprehensive system care they offer to computers. iolo products can be ordered directly from, and are also available in over 14,500 retail outlets, from all major e-tailers, by mail order, and from a wide range of international distributors and resellers.

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