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Used to manage and control information held in spreadsheets, ComplyXL Enterprise also incorporates system tray utility that lets managers see and be notified immediately when critical spreadsheets are changed. Continuous monitoring solution, available to users in one click, also relays who/where/why information pertaining to spreadsheet changes. Program may be scheduled to check for changes at user-defined intervals and delivers audit trail of changes through to cell level.

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ComplyXL Makes It Easier to Access Key Spreadsheet Information from Your Desktop and So Helps Minimize Spreadsheet Risk

London, New York, immediate release: Lyquidity Solutions,lyquidity.comproviders of ComplyXL for enterprise spreadsheet compliance and risk management today announce a faster way to ensure immediate access to critical spreadsheet management information.

ComplyXL, the innovative solution for enterprises to manage and control the information held in spreadsheets, now continuously monitors and reports on the activity within critical spreadsheets as a desktop utility. Managers can see and be notified immediately from the ComplyXL system tray when critical spreadsheets have been changed, wherever they are, which acts as an additional safeguard, protecting data.

The ComplyXL system tray utility is instantly available with one click and acts as a continuous monitor so managers can be confident they are immediately aware of changes to spreadsheets, who changed them, what changed and why. ComplyXL can be scheduled to check for changes at whatever interval the manager chooses, whether every minute, through to every four hours, with a note popping up as soon as changes are made. This system tray capability also provides the added benefits of:

- Managers can view critical spreadsheets in a way that has been previously chosen, so they can quickly access the information about spreadsheets in a view that is familiar

- Managers can also control what will happen when a workbook is selected. The ComplyXL system tray utility can create an email containing a reference to the selected file or have it open the original spreadsheet in Excel so that Managers can choose what further actions, if any, to take.

- Collaboration by different areas of the business can be controlled in a way that doesn't interfere with the user experience. Managers can send a web link to users not on the local network so they are able to download, change and upload a set of spreadsheet changes as a once-only action and without having ComplyXL installed locally. This helps organizations with numerous offices upload changes in a clearly defined way which complements their business processes, such as monthly figures needed by head office. As standard, these changes can go through the Manager Approval Process in a secure, traceable controlled way.

Said Sandy Marshall, Product Manager for ComplyXL "at a time when access to information and an understanding of what is happening to data is vital, ComplyXL provides a real level of reassurance, with full audit trails of changes all the way to cell level. ComplyXL is proving itself as a key tool for corporations who need to show spreadsheets are managed within a compliance framework. The new ComplyXL system tray utility helps our customers who have offices in remote locations transfer spreadsheet information in the same controlled way, wherever the information comes from. By allowing the link to upload the information as a once only action with a time limit, organizations can pull the information they need in the same controlled way as if ComplyXL were installed locally".

These enhancements are incorporated into ComplyXL Enterprise, with a typical install cost of around $10,000 and including

- Works with SharePoint

- Web server access to managed spreadsheets

- Audit trail of changes through to cell level

- The ability to save reports for Sarbanes Oxley reporting

- Systems tray utility to allow users to instantly access and be notified of key spreadsheet changes

- Spreadsheet discovery

- No need to change dependencies in spreadsheets in order to manage them

- Clear pricing, with training costs and upgrades included in the maintenance

- Quick deployment

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