Software enables Web-based GPS tracking of cell phones.

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NavIQ Mobile provides address, speed, heading, longitude, latitude, date, time, and history of Blackberry or Windows Mobile device locations. Tools such as animated pans, 3D perspective zooms, and fly-over routing are included and application offers live tracking, custom map data, and full color graphics. Program is suited for businesses that use GPS-enabled cell phones to track employees as well as fleets of vehicles.

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Rocky Mountain Tracking Releases NavIQ Mobile for Cell Phone Tracking

NavIQ Mobile Enables Web-Based GPS Tracking of a Blackberry or Windows Mobile Device

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Jan. 29 / / - Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. (RMT) is releasing its newest tracking application for GPS-enabled cell phones. "Anyone with a Blackberry or Windows Mobile device can track their cell phone from any computer through web-based tracking software," says Brad Borst, President of the company. The technology used for this purpose is a full-featured, tracking software called NavIQ Mobile. Global in range, NavIQ Mobile allows the user to have access to a wide range of features. The tracking software is available in over 56 countries in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

With the introduction of the NavIQ Mobile technology, the safety and security benefits to the individual user are significant. Cell phones are now GPS-enabled so that emergency call centers are more accurately able to detect a person's position in the same way that they can trace calls made from land lines.

In 2003, the Federal Communications Commission passed a directive which required all cell phones manufactured after 2005 to be GPS capable. Enhanced 911 or E911 mandates that all new cell phones support location identification technology. When you dial 911 from your cell phone, for example, the public safety answering point or PSAP, can pinpoint your exact location within a few meters.

The launch of NavIQ Mobile now offers a more advanced technology which provides more information, such as, address, speed, heading, longitude, latitude, date, time, and a history of everywhere it has been. RMT's state of the art NavIQ Mobile software application provides live tracking, fast maps, custom map data, and full color graphics. NavIQ Mobile also boasts such comprehensive tools as animated pans, 3D perspective zooms, and fly-over routing. Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is undoubtedly the leader in GPS tracking applications, offering all of these features in a way that is truly unsurpassed in the tracking industry.

Obviously, the ramifications for both business and personal use are enormous given the wide ranging scope of this newest level of technology. GPS-enabled cell phones allow business owners to not only keep a watchful eye over their employees, but also to track their entire fleet of vehicles used by their mobile workforce. The personal safety advantages of cell phone tracking are just as impressive. Cell phones have become an essential part of the everyday routine and they are a vital tool that could actually save your life. Parents will also find this technology as an added bonus when it comes to keeping tabs on their teens in a non obtrusive, yet convenient way.

A primary advantage with the roll-out of NavIQ Mobile is the elimination of purchasing additional tracking hardware. Even if you do not currently have one of RMT's other GPS tracking devices, NavIQ Mobile offers tracking of your existing cell phone as an attractive and affordable option.

Installation of NavIQ Mobile to a cell phone takes only a few minutes. For more information or to install NavIQ Mobile to your cell phone, visit: or call their offices toll free at 1-877-477-9668. Thanks to Rocky Mountain Tracking's innovative and unique approach to GPS cell phone tracking, implementing this newest security feature in your cell phone is convenient and easy to apply.

About Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.

Rocky Mountain Tracking was founded in 2003, and our headquarters are based in Fort Collins, Colorado. RMT is the leading GPS tracking and application service provider in the United States.

NavIQ has become increasingly popular for nearly all tracking applications around the world. This software is the foundation for our first-rate tracking solution. RMT's mission is to provide a high quality and affordable tracking solution using the latest technology.

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