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Press Release Summary: 2005 team collaboration and project management solution enables engineers, suppliers, and customers to work effectively across distributed project team. Project-relevant data in any enterprise system is synchronized through web folders to provide up-to-date information. Out-of-the-box project templates support common inter-company scenarios such as enacting engineering change orders, obtaining bids, and coordinating with suppliers.

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CoCreate Software Releases 2005 for Team Collaboration

Communicate right the first time

FORT COLLINS, Colo., and SINDELFINGEN, Germany - September 7, 2004 - CoCreate Software, Inc., a leading provider of collaboration software and 3D CAD, today announced the release of 2005, an online project data management and team collaboration solution that enables engineers, suppliers, customers, and experts to work efficiently and effectively across a distributed project team.

CoCreate knows that communications across multi-site, contract, and outsourced project teams today often get lost among too many databases, firewalls, e-mail attachments, engineering changes, and misunderstandings. 2005 offers an alternative for team collaboration: uniting the 'too many' into one place on the web. For product details or to register for a free trial of 2005, please visit

Synchronize through web folders: 2005 fits with how project teams work today, providing a simple way to control, track, and version project data. Through web folders, 2005 is now a part of each user's file system so that team members from any location can access the most up-to-date version of project data. Team members from inside or outside the company can work on this data from a shared location that behaves like a network drive. It's now easy to access team projects through Windows Explorer, as well as open and save files directly from applications such as Microsoft Office Suite that support web folders.

Synchronize with enterprise systems: In today's business environment, valuable product development data often is stored across multiple enterprise systems such as ERP, PLM, and SCM. As a result, project members struggle to find and obtain the right versions of their data. And many businesses now need to give customers, suppliers, or other outside team members up-to-date access to project data without giving them full access to proprietary company systems. 2005 collaboration software offers companies a middle ground between an "all or nothing" approach to data access for such team members.

By leveraging low-cost integration technologies such as XML web services and Microsoft InfoPath, companies can use the 2005 workspace to link project-relevant data from a source in any enterprise system. And there's no need to compromise IT policies or give individuals from outside the company uncontrolled system access. To protect proprietary data, project managers simply limit team member access to specific data needed from these systems through the 2005 workspace. Because any changes to the data in the enterprise system automatically synchronize with 2005, project members inside or outside the firewall can always get the right data version-but not sensitive company information.

Project use models: 2005 is designed for the reality that companies working with supply chain partners need a team collaboration tool that flexes to fit their existing processes, rather than forcing their processes to change. The 2005 release's new, out-of-the-box project templates support common inter-company scenarios such as enacting engineering change orders, working with suppliers to obtain bids, and coordinating with suppliers to take corrective action on sourced components. Project team members can now easily access template features such as light workflow with instant change notification. And because each company can configure the templates to fit its specific processes, team members can use and reuse the templates across future projects.

"Companies involving suppliers and procurement groups in the new product development process at design inception and development are able to reduce costs by nearly 18% compared to companies delaying such collaboration until the product prototype phase," said Tim Minahan, VP of Supply Chain Research at Aberdeen Group. "Early involvement also provides 10% to 20% improvement in time-to-market cycles, allowing companies to capture greater market share and gain larger profit margins for being an early mover. Collaborative solutions, such as, can help even the smallest companies facilitate early collaboration between engineering, suppliers, and other key stakeholders involved in bringing new products to market."

"Whether product development team members are spread out across town or across the global value chain, there's no excuse now for allowing costly misunderstandings and delayed schedules to be part of business as usual," said William M. Gascoigne, CoCreate CEO. " 2005 clears the way for project success by helping users access the right version of their data from any location, view it in a meaningful way, and engage with their team members to coordinate ideas and changes. We put customers on the fast track to delivering innovative products to market on schedule."

About CoCreate

CoCreate develops 3D CAD and collaboration software for manufacturers and their project teams who need work done today, not tomorrow.

Our mechanical CAD product, Designer Modeling, is for designers who need freedom to create and change 3D designs without misunderstandings or delay. Model Manager, a data management product, is for teams who can't afford to work on the wrong revision of a 3D CAD model or 2D drawing when creating assemblies. collaboration software is for project teams who are overwhelmed by the complexity of a design process that stretches across sites, contractors, or outsourced teams.

We help teams design products, manage CAD data, and share ideas so they can reach their time-to-market goals.

CoCreate can be found in more than 30 countries and on the Web at


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CoCreate Software, Inc. North America

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CoCreate Software Company, Japan/Asia-Pacific

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CoCreate Software GmbH & Co. KG, Europe

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