Software enables application workloads on z800 server.

Press Release Summary:

z/OS.e v1.5 uses the same code base, customized with new system parameters, as z/OS Version 1 Release 5 and its follow-on releases. It invokes eSeries zSeries® 800 hardware functionality and offers availability with integrated z/OS.e v1.4 Consoles Enhancements feature, scalability and performance with 64-bit shared virtual storage and DFSORT(TM) enhancements, application flexibility with C/C++ compiler enhancements, and ease-of-use with Infoprint(TM) Server enhancements.

Original Press Release:

IBM z/OS.e V1.5: Extends Mainframe Innovation and Delivers the z/OS.e V1.4 Consoles Enhancements Feature, and Preview: z/OS.e v1.6


Eserver z/OS.e is a specially priced offering of z/OS® that provides select functions at an attractive price. It is designed to help you exploit the fast-growing world of next-generation e-business by making the deployment of new application workloads on the IBM eserver zSeries® 800 (z800) server competitively priced. This offering brings new levels of affordability to enterprise and e-business applications while capitalizing on the capabilities of zSeries technology.

z/OS.e Version 1 Release 5 is the third release of z/OS.e. z/OS.e
Version 1 Release 5 and follow-on releases use the same code base
(customized with new system parameters) as z/OS Version 1
Release 5 and its follow-on releases.

It invokes an operating environment that is comparable with z/OS in qualities of service, management, and reporting. Also, z/OS.e invokes the same z800 hardware functionality that you would get with full-function z/OS. More details on z/OS.e can be found

z/OS.e V1.5 continues to provide leadership in innovation and
enhances the value of zSeries. In addition to z/OS.e V1.5
improvements previously announced in Software Announcement 202-190, dated August 13, 2002, and Software Announcement 203-131,
dated May 13, 2003, z/OS.e V1.5 offers:
· Availability with integrated z/OS.e V1.4 Consoles Enhancements feature
· Scalability and performance with 64-bit shared virtual storage and DFSORT(TM) enhancements
· Application flexibility with C/C++ compiler enhancements
including options to help customers port C/C++ code to the 64-bit virtual environment
· Improved ease-of-use with Infoprint® Server enhancements,
enhanced network management and monitoring program interfaces, z/OS Library navigation with Library Center for z/OS, and other enhancements

What's next: Planned improvements for z/OS.e V1.6 include improved scalability, autonomic computing enhancements, improved security, and greater application flexibility.

Key prerequisites
z/OS.e V1.5 runs only on the zSeries 800 (2066) or a comparable non-IBM server. z/OS.e must execute in z/Architecture(TM) (64-bit) mode. For a complete description of z/OS.e V1.5 software prerequisites, refer to the z/OS and z/OS.e Planning for Installation publication (GA22-7504), which is available on
the Web at

Planned availability dates
· March 26, 2004:
- z/OS.e V1.5
- z/OS.e V1.4 Consoles
Enhancements feature
· September 2004:
- z/OS.e V1.6

For ordering, contact:
Your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or the Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL Reference: LE001
This announcement is provided for your information only. For additional information, contact your IBM representative,
call 800-IBM-4YOU, or visit the IBM home page at:

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