Software delivers real-time business monitoring.

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WebSphere® Business Monitor v6.0 creates analytic components that monitor existing business processes, and provides visual display of business process status. Alerts and notifications delivered to key users enable continuous process improvement. Multidimensional analysis and reports are supported through customizable dashboards, with embedded business intelligence. Adaptive Action Manager invokes selected real-time action based upon predefined rules and policies.

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IBM WebSphere Business Monitor V6.0 Delivers Real-time Business Monitoring with Metrics, Visual Displays, and Alerts

At a glance
IBM WebSphere Business Monitor V6.0 delivers:
Customizable dashboard, implemented as WebSphere Portal pages, that are visually intuitive (scorecards, key performance indicators (KPIs), and gauges)
Multidimensional analysis and reports supported through the dashboards, with embedded business intelligence
Creates customized analytic components that monitors existing business processes
Allows user to do multidimensional analysis
Capability to monitor specified by the business user
Adaptive Action Manager invokes selected real-time action or set of actions based upon predefined rules and policies
User-controlled filtering of the reports
Sophisticated business analysis integrated with business processes
Innovation and optimization enhanced in key business processes
Capability to understand and transform your business through insightful business modeling, simulation, and analysis - enabled with WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced

WebSphere® Business Monitor gives you the ability to monitor business processes in real-time, providing a visual display of business process status, together with alerts and notifications to key users that enables continuous improvement of your business processes. This product provides significant new enhancements to the IBM business process management portfolio, and is tightly integrated with both WebSphere Business Modeler, and WebSphere Process Server.

WebSphere Business Monitor will help you establish and track common business monitoring goals:
Business performance measured against targets - a scorecard view
Alerts from business critical situations requiring action
Alert notifications from anomalous situations
Tracking of business process flows
Monitoring of business process metrics like working and elapsed duration
WebSphere Business Monitor also provides support for the Common Event Infrastructure by leveraging the Common Base Event (CBE) format for receiving and emitting events, as implemented through the WebSphere Process Server.

Close monitoring of key business performance metrics can drive continuous improvement and empower innovation and optimization. Business process goals are monitored for progress against these goals. WebSphere Business Monitor includes one copy of WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced providing sophisticated, intuitive modeling and simulation capabilities to precisely model the critical aspects of your business. When the WebSphere Business Monitor is used in conjunction with WebSphere Business Modeler, you can create a business measures model that specifically identifies activities to be monitored, including events, business metrics, and key performance indicators.

Once the model is complete, WebSphere Business Monitor then recognizes the model and the measurements to be captured from incoming events. Model, deploy, monitor, analyze, and take action to make informed and timely decisions, resulting in real-time competitive advantage.

Key prerequisites
Microsoft(TM) Windows(TM) 2000
Windows 2003
AIX® V5.2 or AIX V5.3
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Planned availability dates
January 31, 2006 - V6.0 electronic delivery
February 28, 2006 - V6.0 media

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