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Dynamic Network Access Control (DNAC) uses peer-to-peer-based enforcement model that can turn compliant endpoints into dynamic policy enforcement points that block unauthorized, noncompliant users from connecting to network. Scalable from small business to large enterprise without compromising flexibility or security, policy-based solution ensures all endpoints on network are visible and monitored, providing custom reports and automating portions of data collection process.

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InfoExpress Announces General Availability of Revolutionary New Dynamic Network Access Control Technology

InfoExpress Makes Available the Fastest-to-Deploy NAC Solution on the Market

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Nov. 16 -- InfoExpress, the leader in policy and configuration enforcement solutions, today announced the general availability of their revolutionary Dynamic Network Access Control (DNAC) solution. DNAC is a new network access control technology designed to fill the void that current NAC solutions have yet to solve with an entirely new model that is secure, rapidly deployed, and highly cost-effective.

"DNAC provides the benefits of NAC without having to worry about network reconfiguration or infrastructure upgrades," said Stacey Lum, CEO of InfoExpress. "DNAC's new software-based approach allows for ease and speed of deployment and low impact to the network, enabling InfoExpress' vision to provide a policy-based NAC solution that can scale from small business to large enterprise without compromising flexibility or security."

DNAC's revolutionary peer-to-peer-based enforcement model can turn compliant endpoints into dynamic policy enforcement points that block unauthorized, noncompliant users from connecting to the network. This is especially well suited for handling rogue endpoints and guests. DNAC enforcers are unique because they quarantine noncompliant endpoints from the rest of the network, even from those PCs and servers not running the DNAC software. No other NAC vendor uses peer-based technology to control network access by leveraging the large number of existing endpoints on the network as dynamic policy enforcement points.

According to the ST Electronics IT department, "CyberGatekeeper with DNAC is an appealing option for ST Electronics. It addresses our requirement of keeping unknown and unsecured devices off our existing network, without requiring us to invest time and money in network upgrades or reconfigurations. We also appreciate the investment protection that CyberGatekeeper offers. In the future, should we decide to upgrade our infrastructure, we would have the option of using the CyberGatekeeper with DNAC or 802.1x, without incurring additional expenses."

DNAC's revolutionary technology ensures that rogue endpoints and guests are managed without administrator action and includes detailed reporting functions that help to assist companies in passing compliance audits and regulations. By ensuring that all endpoints on the network are visible and monitored, providing custom reports, and automating portions of the data collection process, DNAC improves the accuracy of an organization's audit trail.

"One of the compelling features we've experienced with DNAC is the ability to easily and surgically control unmanaged endpoints without disrupting connectivity of other endpoints on a non 802.1x port," said a financial institution specializing in bonds. "DNAC has helped us to effectively enforce software and configuration policy on every managed and unmanaged computer endpoint within our corporate environment without the need for a major network overhaul."

While DNAC delivers the benefits of NAC such as ensuring endpoint compliance, it is also easy to deploy and requires no additional network infrastructure or configuration changes. In a medium size business case calculated by InfoExpress, customers saved over 65 percent in initial deployment costs and reduces implementation time from weeks to about an hour by deploying DNAC over other infrastructure NAC approaches. DNAC can scale to grow with the network and is able to perform NAC on unmanaged switches, managed switches, hubs, and wireless access points.

About InfoExpress

InfoExpress network security solutions protect enterprise networks and the endpoints connecting to them. The company has provided network access control solutions since 2000. At the core of InfoExpress solutions is the CyberGatekeeper Suite, which ensures endpoints are safe and compliant with security policies by performing real-time audits and quarantining of all network-attached endpoints. InfoExpress products have received numerous awards for their innovation. The privately held company is headquartered in Mountain View, California.

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