Software Defined Radio targets 4G wireless applications.

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Programmable and reconfigurable nGEN Elemental Computing Array platform is designed for multi-mode, multi-band, and multi-functional 4G wireless applications. It enables users to develop applications as software, which then can be modified, replaced, and managed for deployment of new standards and feature sets. System is built around massively parallel, multi-threaded ECA architecture, which provides accelerated, high-data rate, and low latency processing.

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End-to-End Software Defined Radio from Element CXI

Element CXI Announces nGEN Elemental Computing Array, a Fully Reconfigurable Platform for 4G Networks

4G WORLD, CHICAGO, Illinois, September 16, 2009 - Element CXI, premier developer of next-generation processing solutions, today introduced its new nGEN Elemental Computing Array (ECA) platform at 4G World in Chicago. The fully programmable, reconfigurable platform is ideal for multi-mode, multi-band, multi-functional 4G wireless applications. With its unlimited flexibility, the nGEN ECA offers OEMs a common platform for end-to-end, software defined solutions from baseband to front-end processing.

The challenge facing manufacturers of wireless devices and wireless infrastructure equipment is the need to stay agile in the face of rapidly evolving standards and access technologies. With the nGEN platform, applications are developed as software and can be modified, replaced, and dynamically managed for quick, cost-effective deployment of new standards and feature sets. Unlike traditional solutions that require separate chips for each task domain, the fully programmable nGEN ECA supports functionality that typically requires multiple specialized chips, significantly reducing the capital outlay, complexity, and time to market for 4G systems.

"The nGEN ECA is the first truly dynamically reconfigurable solution capable of providing a single platform for applications ranging from 4G mobile handsets to macro-basestations," said John Watson, Founder and Vice President of Marketing at Element CXI. "Until now designers had to choose between power-hungry FPGAs with limited flexibility and DSP-based SOCs with even less flexibility. The nGEN platform not only offers greater flexibility than competing technologies, it also consumes less power and costs a fraction of the price."

Built around the second-generation of Element CXI's massively parallel, multi-threaded ECA architecture, the nGEN platform is designed to handle the order of magnitude increase in computational intensity of 4G applications. The inherent efficiency of the architecture provides accelerated, high-data rate, low latency processing-at power consumption levels that rival fixed-function ASICs.

The nGEN ECAs are available as a standard product or a licensable core. Element CXI is also offering an nGEN Transmit Processing reference design, which combines digital up conversion (DUC), crest factor reduction, (CFR), and digital pre-distortion (DPD) wideband front-end processing functions.

The 2009 4G World runs from September 15 to 18, 2009 at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago. Element CXI is located in the Mobile Innovations Pavilion, a special section of the exhibit floor that showcases new technologies for mobile solutions.

About Element CXI

Headquartered in Milpitas, California, Element CXI, Inc. is the premier developer of fully programmable, reconfigurable processors for compute-intensive applications. The company's revolutionary ECA technology offers system designers a low-power, high-performance, cost-effective solution for nextgeneration products with unprecedented flexibility and resiliency. Element CXI customers include marketleading OEMs and IDMs in the wireless communications, automotive, consumer electronics, and aerospace industries. ECA solutions are currently available as standard products or licensable cores.


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