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Fully integrating into MS Outlook, MailS@fe enables users to index and archive emails to central SQL server database. This provides quick access to both current and old emails for team-based users in projects, groups, and departments. Encryption and archiving also allow organizations to address legal and regulatory compliance issues. In addition to 6 user-defined index fields, software automatically captures all header information, enabling comprehensive searches to be made on all emails.

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Techne-Comm Launches MailS@fe

The Market's First MS Outlook Integrated Email Indexing and Archiving Solution -

21 August 2006 - Electronic document archiving specialist, Techne-Comm has launched MailS@fe, the first software indexing and archiving application to fully integrate into MS Outlook. MailS@fe enables users to index and archive emails to a central SQL server database providing quick and easy access to emails for team based users in projects, groups and departments.

Written by Techne-Comm's UK software development team using the latest Microsoft .NET technology, MailS@fe is also ideal for organisations addressing legal and regulatory compliance issues as every email sent or received is encrypted and archived to a SQL server. MailS@fe also alleviates file storage together with mailbox quota space issues often associated with Exchange and PST files. With MailS@fe you can quickly find both current and 'old' e-mails with more powerful search tools than those provided within MS Outlook.

"With over 26.1 billion emails* sent worldwide by individuals each and every day there is an increasing need for companies and individuals to have a solution which can store and locate their data in a reliable and efficient manner," explains Mike Freeman, Sales and Product Development Manager, Techne-Comm.

"MailS@fe is the result of a close collaboration with one of our key clients and we have paid careful attention to the needs of our users during its development. As the first email indexing and archiving solution to fully integrate into Outlook it will have broad market appeal. First indications in terms of market interest are good and MailS@fe, we believe, will take the market by storm," Freeman goes on.

Unlike other email archiving solutions on the market, with MailS@fe there is no need to launch a separate application as all of the functionality lies within Outlook and is accessed via a four button toolbar. Company, group, project team or departmental wide searches can be made based on the indexed data as well as the e-mails text content. Emails that match the search criteria together with attachments are viewed in their original email format. Thus important company knowledge is available on a collaborative basis to people who want to know rather than being buried in individual user mailboxes or PST files.

In addition to six user defined index fields, MailS@fe will automatically capture all of the header information from each email ie Date, Time, From, To, CC, BCC, Subject as well as OCR'ing the email content. This enables comprehensive searches to be made on all emails, irrespective of who sent or received them. Searches are based on 'AND' conditions and indexed searching can be mixed with text based searches, which together with 'search within results' provides fast, accurate access to targeted e-mails.

All emails together with their attachments are archived in an encrypted and compressed format in a folder outside of the SQL database so that they cannot be changed or altered which is particularly appealing for those with compliance issues.

MailS@fe is priced on an annual licence basis that includes software as well as support and maintenance. Dependent on the number of active mailboxes prices range from £20 to £35 per mailbox. For further information call 01252 622146 or email

*Source: IDC

About Techne-Comm
Founded in 1998, Techne-Comm is a software house offering a suite of affordable Windows based products in the area of electronic document management and archiving. As a dedicated supplier in this market it boasts an unrivalled technical knowledge and commitment to customer service in delivering document archiving and retrieval application solutions to businesses of all sizes. Its product range covers Web Archiver, FlickThru, ePost Room and the recently launched MailS@fe. Key clients include Three Valleys Water, Webers Saint-Gobain and Cambridge County Council. For further information visit

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