Software Creates a Common User Interface to All Document and Image Scanners

MISSOULA, Montana, March 15th, 2006 -- RemoteScan Corporation today announced a major update to its product line with the addition of User Definable Templates for its entire line of network scanner software. By using RemoteScan software, network managers can now control how their users scan documents, and set consistent scanner settings across an entire enterprise network regardless of the make or model of scanners in use. User Definable Templates are now components of both the LAN version and the Terminal Services / Citrix® version of RemoteScan®.

RemoteScan software is used to convert any kind of document scanner (flatbed scanners, card scanners, duplex scanners) into full network scanners. RemoteScan is also the standard solution for using scanners in any kind of Terminal Services or Citrix environment, and is recommended by most EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software vendors world-wide, as well as by thousands of software manufacturers who's products are run in Terminal Services or Citrix environments.

"Our User Definable Templates (UDT's) are especially helpful for medical patient record systems, which often require the scanning of insurance and ID cards," Says Glenn Kreisel, RemoteScan's CTO. "Nearly all scanners default to scan in color and at a high DPI and full paper size, causing many users to create multi-megabyte file sizes even when just wanting to make a quick scan of an insurance card to satisfy HIPPA requirements. With UDT now built into RemoteScan, network administrators can set scan parameters, such as having all scans defaulting to 200 DPI and grey-scale, and thus create a consistent electronic document flow. The UDTs are set up once at the server, and from that point on, even if hundreds of different types of scanners are in use in a large enterprise, all the scans will arrive into hosted applications at the same resolution, streamlining the entire paperless work flow."

RemoteScan functions as a virtual channel, or 'bridge' between any application running on any server, and any TWAIN scanner connected to a user's work station PC or Thin Client. Using RDP and ICA protocols, RemoteScan is a drop-in solution for using scanners in hosted application environments, and is extremely popular among Windows Terminal Services and Citrix users.

Purchase information: RemoteScan products are available directly from the RemoteScan web site at as well as from the company's many VAR and Resellers. RemoteScan for Terminal Services costs $227 per license. RemoteScan for LAN, which converts any scanner into a network scanner, is available for $120 per license. Significant discounts are available when purchasing in quantity.

About RemoteScan Corporation: Located in downtown Missoula, Montana, RemoteScan Corporation is the recognized leader in networking software for scanners and digital cameras. A private company, RemoteScan is used by hundreds of thousands of customers world-wide, including most health networks, thousands of hospitals, medical offices, military bases, hotel chains, athletic clubs, banks, accounting firms, schools and government offices.

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