Software configures and monitors infrared sensors.

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ModView Configuration Software v1.2.1 for Modline® 5 infrared sensors, provides setup, configuration, monitoring, and trending. Utilizing sensor's RS485 digital communications, software enables viewing and adjusting of operating parameters for up to 36 sensors in network. Users can view real-time and graphical trends of measured temperatures for each sensor, with ability to archive temperature data as comma separated value files for use with other programs.

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ModView Calibration Software Enables Easy Setup, Monitoring and Trending of Modline® 5 Sensors

Ircon has recently released ModView Configuration Software version 1.2.1 for Modline® 5 series infrared sensors.

ModView Configuration Software is a setup, configuration, monitoring and trending program distributed with the purchase of new Modline 5 sensors. Utilizing the sensor's RS485 digital communications capabilities, ModView Configuration software enables viewing and adjusting nearly all operating parameters of up to 36 Modline 5 sensors in a network. View Real-Time and Graphical Trends of measured temperatures for each sensor, with the ability to archive temperature data as comma separated value (CSV) files for use in reports or with other programs.

Setup features can automatically search and identify all Modline 5 sensors in a network, and setting adjustments for each sensor (such as emissivity, response time and temperature scale, peak, and decay rate, among other features), can be done remotely from a single desktop.

A sensor's settings can also be saved as a file for loading to other Modline 5 sensors, saving time and effort with overall system configuration and maintenance procedures.

To ensure proper temperature readings, Modview Configuration Software can also monitor a sensor's conditional status, and will report any alarm condition with diagnostic information, so that the user can correct accordingly.

Providing a wide selection of optical resolutions from D/75 to D/240 and covering a focusing range from 57mm to infinity, the IP65 rated Modline 5 infrared sensor series extends high accuracy temperature measurement across a temperature range from 250°C to 3000°C. The sensor is backed by a complete range of accessories that includes mounting brackets, a water-cooling jacket and an air purge.

Ircon specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of a wide range of industrial, noncontact, temperature measuring instruments. Products include infrared thermometers, line scanning systems, thermal imaging cameras and software, and related accessories. Founded in 1962, over 80,000 Ircon instruments are installed world-wide. Ircon is an operating company within Spectris plc and is based in Niles, Illinois, USA, with European headquarters in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

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