Software calculates water delivery time for sprinklers.

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Able to calculates water delivery time for 1-19 open sprinklers on dry type system, SprinkFDT (fluid delivery time) is suited for tree type systems. Entry method builds system graphically, while optional entry method allows manual entry of system nodes. Output analysis shows trip, transit, and steady flow times for system. Program accepts various dry pipe valve trip ratios and can add 1 accelerator at dry valve.

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Tyco Fire & Building Products Introduces New Software to Calculate Exact Dry System Water Delivery Times

November, 2002 - Lansdale, PA - Tyco Fire Products' SprinkCAD® division has announced an industry first - a software program that calculates the water delivery time to one or more open sprinklers on a dry type system. The program is titled "SprinkFDT" (fluid delivery time), and is now available. "This is a true first for the fire sprinkler industry, and it should have the same impact on dry systems that hydraulic calculations have had within the industry", states Mike Mahomet, the Business Manager of the SprinkCAD group. The program has been developed for 'tree' type systems, and features an easy-entry that 'builds' the system graphically. An optional entry method allows the user to manually enter the system 'nodes'. The system is capable of calculating one to nineteen open sprinklers in an area, and the output analysis shows the trip, transit, and steady flow times for the system. The program will accept a variety of dry pipe valve trip ratios, and has the ability to add an accelerator at the dry valve. The program has shown that system volume is not the only parameter that determines the trip and delivery times - water path, system air pressure and temperature, available water supply, and the orifice size and number of open sprinklers all affect the system performance. "This program has been a real learning experience for all of us who have believed for years that the system volume was the key to performance", states Mahomet. About Tyco Fire & Building Products Tyco Fire & Building Products is a global manufacturer of water based fire suppression system components and ancillary building construction products. It continually expands its capabilities through aggressive research and product development to provide its customers effective fire protection and construction solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. Its products are sold worldwide under the following brand names: Acrobe, Ancon, Central, Central SpraySafe, GEM, Grinnell, Lindapter, Star, Unistrut, and Wopf. About Tyco Engineered Products & Services Tyco Engineered Products & Services consists of four global businesses, Electrical & Metal Products; Fire & Building Products; Flow Control; and Infrastructure Services. Tyco Engineered Products & Services has industry leadership positions in the Fire Protection, Construction, Process Industrial, Water/Wastewater and Electrical markets, providing complete application solutions by utilizing the synergies among its products and services, along with the well-established brands around the world. For information, contact the Tyco Fire Products' SprinkCAD group at 800-495-5541, or on the web at

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