Software automates color jobs and minimizes errors.

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Color i®Match and Color i®QC 5 include eJobs tool that stores built-in digital procedures, color specifications, and instrument configurations, minimizing human error in supply chain. With software, user sets up job or multiple jobs with built-in digital specifications and procedures. Job file is transferred to all color partners, where eJobs data and color tolerances are then communicated to individual spectrophotometers for automatic configuration.

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New 'eJobs' Tool Reduces Color Errors

Software upgrade automates color jobs and gives coatings industry greater color control, flexibility in supply chain

Grandville, Mich., USA (July 17, 2006) - X-Rite Inc. announces new editions of the flagship color formulation and quality control software, Color i®Match and Color i®QC 5 for paints and coatings. The upgraded software features eJobs, a new, unique automated tool which stores built-in digital procedures, color specifications and instrument configurations to simplify color jobs. eJobs helps coatings manufacturers and their customers better manage multiple color jobs across global supply chains for a fast, truly reliable digital workflow.

On July 5, 2006, X-Rite announced the completion of its acquisition of Amazys Holding AG (GretagMacbeth's parent company). Color iMatch and Color iQC were previously developed and sold by GretagMacbeth.

"Today, coatings industry managers oversee thousands of color jobs a year, dealing with multiple operators with varying skill levels at many locations. These challenges increase the risk of human error in digitized color workflows," said Rich Knapp, product manager, Industrial Color and Appearance, for X-Rite. "eJobs automates processes that were previously entered by hand, reducing opportunities for bad color data to enter digital workflows. It helps to ensure an accurate color measurement each time a color job is performed."

eJobs significantly reduces human error in the supply chain by containerizing data, user interfaces, settings, and instrument configurations within a single, centralized file. Using the software, a brand owner or supplier sets up a job, or multiple jobs, with built-in digital specifications and procedures. The job file is easily and accurately transferred to all color partners, where eJobs data and color tolerances are then communicated to individual spectrophotometers for automatic configuration.

"eJobs can be configured to automatically select the proper pigments and colorants for each color job, even compensating for formulation adjustments that control for coating opacity and gloss," added Knapp.

By storing unique job functions in a digital file for each color job, information can be easily accessed for accurate repeatability. Less equipment and complex formulation knowledge is required of the operators, which significantly reduces errors, decreases costs and quickly gets the final product to the end user.

"In conjunction with our new Color i®7 spectrophotometer, this software creates a color control system of remarkable accuracy and traceability," said Knapp.

"Open" software systems, Color iMatch & Color iQC 5, including the eJobs function, are compatible with most commercially available spectrophotometers.

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