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Featuring advanced scripting environment, IP Amplifier(TM) plugs into all major build systems and enables in-depth evaluation and comprehensive protection of critical software assets. It lets organizations identify, prioritize, and report on open source and 3rd party content in code base. Clear, concise inventory reports and multi-user access help companies determine compliance with internal use policies and highlight potential legal or development risks.

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Palamida Announces the Next Generation of IP Amplifier(TM)

Advanced Scripting Environment and Automated Analysis Provide In-Depth Code Inventory and Streamlined IP Compliance

SAN FRANCISCO, April 23 /- Gartner SYMPOSIUM/ITxpo - Palamida(TM), the leader in software intellectual property management solutions and audit services, today announced the next generation of IP Amplifier, a robust code audit solution that enables in-depth evaluation and comprehensive protection of critical software assets.

Today's software development environment is constrained by resources and time and driven by pressures to deliver product to market as rapidly and cost-effectively as possible. The resulting software is a mixture of homegrown, commercial and open source code - a combination that fuels development speed, innovation, and growth. The reality of mixed code is that it introduces new complexities to the software development lifecycle. In fact, most organizations are currently unaware of what their software is made of - an oversight that can lead to legal, financial and business risk.

Know your IP Ingredients
Vetting application ingredients is a time-consuming and error-prone process that makes IP compliance, code vulnerability detection, and license management extremely difficult to manage.

With IP Amplifier, organizations can automate the code audit process to quickly and easily identify, prioritize and report on open source and third-party content in the code base. Clear, concise inventory reports and a multi- user access help companies determine compliance with internal use policies and highlight any potential legal or development risks.

"Combining mixed code resources is a great strategy for accelerating growth but it brings a level of complexity to the software development lifecycle that, left unmanaged, can have serious implications for the business," said Mark Tolliver, CEO of Palamida. "A number of high profile cases involving copyright and intellectual property infringement point to the importance of having a solution in place that proactively identifies such concerns before they become an issue. IP Amplifier enables developers to find and remediate areas of concern as soon as they find them - a strategy that both ensures software quality and mitigates business risk."

Integration, Automation and Innovation
Drawing on the industry's largest and most comprehensive library of its type, IP Amplifier provides detailed information on 3 Terabytes worth of content. The compliance library contains over 140,000 OSS projects, 780,000 versions, 7 billion source code snippets, 10 million Java namespaces, 500 million binary file IDs, and Java, C/C++, Perl, Python, PHP, C#, and VB signatures, among other components.

IP Amplifier's Advanced Scripting Environment gives it the flexibility to adapt to any existing environment. Based on Groovy, Palamida's custom scripting enables it to plug into all major build systems, including but not limited to: ANT, Maven, Borland Gauntlet, and pulse. In addition, customers can further customize the solution to meet their individual integration, reporting, and detection threshold requirements.

Automated analysis keeps headcount costs low by providing accurate, prioritized reports that eliminate a large percentage of the manual review necessary. With Auto Inventory and multi-type, multi-stage detection, IP Amplifier significantly minimizes false positives, saving hundreds of man hours previously spent reviewing thousands of unqualified code matches.

"Every time the development team runs a build, they run a number of tests to vet their work, including test coverage analysis, code style checking, and static memory leak analysis. Running an IP compliance test is a natural next step in ensuring that the build is free of security and legal risks," adds Tolliver. "Code level risk mitigation should be an organic part of IP management, not a new business process that requires additional headcount and exhaustive resources."

About the Company
Palamida enables organizations to manage the growing complexity of multi-source development environments by answering the question, "What's in your code?" Through detailed analysis of the code base customers gain insight into their code inventory - a critical component of quality control, risk mitigation, and vulnerability assessment.

Palamida was founded in 2003, offering market leading solutions and services that accelerate the adoption of open source within the enterprise environment by eliminating legal and vulnerability concerns associated with its use. Customers include Avaya, Cisco Systems, EMC, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems, among others. Read Palamida's blog at or for more information visit

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