Software and Interface support reciprocating compressors.

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Model 3500/22M Transient Data Interface (TDI) includes capabilities for capturing reciprocating compressor data and analyzing it in System 1(TM) software. TDI's alarm capture capabilities provide waveform information before, during, and after events, making diagnosis of transient events possible. System 1 v3.0 includes support for rod position / rod drop measurement technology. Custom rules for automatically diagnosing reciprocating compressors can be written by user.

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Bently Nevada Expands Reciprocating Compressor Monitoring Solutions

MINDEN, 29 AUGUST 2002 - Bently Nevada today announced further enhancements to its already comprehensive solutions portfolio for monitoring the condition of reciprocating compressors. Along with the broad range of recip-specific measurements in its 3500 Series Machinery Protection System, such as cylinder pressure, rod position / rod drop, valve temperature, and casing vibration measurements, Bently Nevada now offers complete support for reciprocating compressors in its System 1(TM) software platform with the release of the 3500/22M Transient Data Interface (TDI) and Release 3.0 of System 1(TM) software.

Brian Howard, Initiative Leader for Reciprocating Machinery, points out that the company now has a solution for virtually every aspect of monitoring compressor condition and performance. "With the release of 3500/22M TDI module, we have greatly improved capabilities for capturing reciprocating compressor data and analyzing it in our System 1(TM) software. This allows for earlier and improved diagnosis of suction valve failures, discharge valve failures, and knocks associated with crosshead and crosshead pin bushing wear." The TDI's alarm capture capabilities provide waveform information before, during, and after an event. "This makes diagnosis of transient events, such as liquid slugging, possible," says Howard.

System 1(TM) Release 3.0 includes support for Bently Nevada's patented rod position / rod drop measurement technology, allowing for diagnosis of rider band wear and crosshead wear. Again, Brian Howard, "The new derived-variables capability improves the level of cylinder performance insight we can deliver. In addition, with the introduction of Decision Support(SM) capabilities in System 1(TM) software, custom rules for automatically diagnosing reciprocating compressors can now be written. Complementing the rules that customers can write themselves, a special bundle of pre-written, recip-specific diagnostic rules is being offered. This Recip RulePak will include rules and advisories for suction valve failure, discharge valve failure, piston ring failure, and other components."

The combination of the 3500/22M TDI module, a complete suite of 3500 Series monitors, System 1(TM) software, and recip-specific diagnostic rules provides the tools necessary for identifying and diagnosing problems unique to reciprocating compressors. Performance values, derived from the collected dynamic signals that can be retrieved from this system, are valuable indicators of not just overall compressor performance, but cylinder- and chamber-specific performance as well.

Concludes Marc Tompkins, Bently Nevada's Industry Strategy Leader for Power Generation and Hydrocarbon Processing, "Reciprocating compressors are becoming more crucial to full-capacity operations than in the past. For example, they are often in the critical path of a refinery's ability to produce product. They tend to be higher maintenance assets than centrifugal compressors; as such, they merit better monitoring than has been previously available. The complete solution now offered by Bently Nevada will have a direct benefit to users because they can monitor the health of the entire reciprocating asset - not just a part of it - resulting in better reliability and availability of these machines as well as reduced maintenance costs and unplanned downtime."

Bently Nevada (, The Plant Asset Management Company(SM), is the world's leading supplier of products and services for assessing and ensuring the mechanical and thermodynamic health of industrial equipment. The company maintains nearly 100 offices in the principal industrial centers of 43 countries around the globe, and has annual sales exceeding $250 million. It serves a broad base of more than 25,000 global customers in the power generation, petrochemical, metals & mining, pulp & paper, food & pharmaceutical and other industries. Bently Nevada is a GE Power Systems company (

System 1 is a trademark and Decision Support is a service mark of Bently Nevada, LLC in the United States and other countries.

The technology used in Bently Nevada's rod drop / rod position monitoring systems is protected by U.S. patent 4,987,774.

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