Software analyzes pre-prototype designs for durability.

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Software suite includes tools that measure, assess, and model data for product life and performance testing. Able to simulate proving ground and rig test scenarios, product helps detect fatigue/potential failure locations and correct flaws early in product design. Software, which determines critical attributes prior to prototype development, is suitable for aerospace industries and agricultural equipment design.

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nCode's Durability Analysis Software Saves Time, Cost

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. - Advanced software from nCode International can help automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers who must employ all means possible to cut time to market and reduce development and warranty costs.

nCode's software suite includes products which measure, assess and model data for product life and performance testing and accurately simulate accelerated proving ground and rig test scenarios.

As eighty to ninety percent of all structural failures occur through a fatigue mechanism, with an estimated annual cost in the U.S. of about $1.5 billion, many engineers and product designers turn to sophisticated software programs to determine critical attributes more quickly and prior to development of expensive prototypes.

The nCode approach is based on long-established durability science. August Woehler was the first to study fatigue and propose an empirical approach. Between 1852 and 1870, Woehler studied the progressive failure of railway axles. He constructed a test rig and subjected two railway axles simultaneously to a rotating bending test.

Woehler then plotted the nominal stress versus the number of cycles to failure, which came to be known as the SN diagram, and it is still widely used today.

"Durability is one of the most important product attributes," says Dr. Chris Musiol, nCode's president. "Therefore, reliable prediction of fatigue early in the design phase can save time and money by avoiding expensive and time-consuming redesign. But current design and development processes tend to focus on strength and performance issues."

nCode's fatigue analysis software allows component engineers to detect potential failure locations through simulation and then correct flaws early in a product's design. It has been used in the aerospace industry where early detection helps to assure aircraft safety. In agricultural equipment design, the fatigue prediction process is key to determining that farm machines will withstand the strain of rugged operation.

"The future of the American vehicle industry rests upon the design and manufacture of more reliable components and vehicles," Musiol noted. "Market share goes to automakers that produce dependable cars and trucks, and the marketplace is becoming accustomed to longer warranty guarantees."

In the automotive industry, vehicles that are perceived to be more reliable have higher resale value and customer loyalty rates. But today, OEMs are increasingly outsourcing entire systems and holding their suppliers responsible, requiring them to contribute to warranty reimbursements. Tier 1 suppliers now have a need to also reduce ongoing warranty costs and other associated expenses down the road.

About nCode International

nCode International is the world's leading supplier of engineering solutions for durability, with major customers in the ground vehicle, aerospace and offshore industries. Many major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) use nCode solutions for durability management, including Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Volvo, DaimlerChrysler and John Deere. Additional information is available at nCode is an AEA Technology plc company.

AEA Technology plc is one of the world's leading innovation businesses. Additional information about AEA is available at

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