Software allows users to download content to MS Excel.

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Trading Partner Connect B2B Seller v2.0 provides fully hosted and integrated Web-based storefront solution that remains operational 24 hr/day. Integration with wireless PDAs enables users to access distributor's B2B Seller Web sites, and users can download account-specific information into Microsoft Excel. Additional features include keyword searching or search by customized part number, PDF invoice display, and support for item images.

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Prophet 21 Introduces Trading Partner Connect B2B Seller 2.0

Empire Machinery Enjoys PDA Integration and the Ability to Download Account Information into Excel

YARDLEY, PA, October 1, 2003 - Employees at Empire Machinery and Supply Corp. work hard to ensure that it is easy for customers to do business with them. That is why they are thrilled with the enhancements and new features available in the latest release of Prophet 21's Web-based storefront solution, Trading Partner Connect B2B Seller 2.0.

"This version of B2B Seller is really taking us where we want to go," said Donnie James, MIS manager at the Virginia-based industrial equipment and supplies distributor. "The ability to download account-specific information and the integration with wireless personal digital assistant (PDA) devices makes it easier for our customers to get to us - and that's what our business is all about."

B2B Seller, a component of Prophet 21's Internet trading network, provides distributors with a fully hosted and integrated Web-based storefront solution that services their existing and prospective customers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The new features in B2B Seller version 2.0 - from Palm integration to the ability to download "My Account" information into Microsoft Excel - improve processes while making it easier for distributors to interact with their customers.

"Prophet 21 constantly asks its customers for new features and enhancement ideas," said Chuck Boyle, Prophet 21 president and CEO. "This version of our Internet storefront is packed with those suggestions. It will really help our distributors - and the people they work with - simplify business processes and work better over the Web."

Enhancing Performance

Small industrial machine shops make up the bulk of Empire Machinery's customer base. B2B Seller 2.0 enables these customers to download account-specific information - including past invoices - into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. "Now our customers can get all of the information they need in the format they want it in," James said. "And our customer service representatives don't have to spend all day faxing and e-mailing account history spreadsheets."

James is also excited about B2B Seller 2.0's integration with personal digital assistant (PDA) devices. This enables customers and sales representatives to access distributor's B2B Seller Web sites - without a desktop or laptop computer. "This will help our customers order what they need when they need it - even if they're on the shop room floor," he said. "This feature is excellent because if we can't provide wireless access, someone else will."

Other features and enhancements available in Trading Partner Connect B2B Seller 2.0 include:

o Instant Price and Availability - Your customers are busy. When they find the items they want on your B2B Seller site, they want to see price and availability (P&A) immediately. B2B Seller 2.0 displays all P&A information as soon as a customer views item descriptions, offering faster, easier shopping experiences.

o Enhanced Keyword Searching - B2B Seller 2.0 makes it easier for your customers to find what they need with enhanced keyword searching capabilities. When they look for items that return more than one page of results, they may enter additional keywords to narrow their searches, decreasing the time involved in finding - and purchasing - your products.

o Search by Customized Part Number - Customers who use part numbers that differ from yours can search for items using their own part numbers. This B2B Seller 2.0 feature reduces calls to your customer service representatives and speeds the purchasing process.

o Improved Shopping List - B2B Seller 2.0's enhanced shopping list makes it dramatically easier for your customers to add items to their shopping carts, update order quantities, and remove unneeded items. This translates into less frustration, resulting in improved customer service and increase sales.

o PDF Invoice Display - Customers who need copies of invoices can download them in the same format in which they see them on the screen. B2B Seller 2.0 lets you store invoices in PDF format, with all of your company information and logos, to ensure that everyone - customers and your staff - are looking at the same document when questions arise.

o Special Item Images - Call attention to new or promotional items. B2B Seller 2.0 lets you mark special SKUs with eye-catching images, resulting in increased awareness of expanded product offerings and limited-time specials.

Pricing and Availability

Trading Partner Connect B2B Seller version 2.0 is currently available. For additional information and pricing, please visit or call 1-800-PROPHET. Existing customers should contact their Prophet 21 Inside Sales Representative directly.

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