Software allows content producers to reach 941 million viewers.

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Anystream Agility 2G is video preprocessing, encoding, delivery, and reporting suite that maximizes capacity and eliminates risk of failure without recovery. Program converts thousands of videos in real-time, simplifying syndication of events to close markets, and includes user interface that helps with video production and management to meet demand. It features watermarking, subtitling, and onscreen graphics overlaying capabilities.

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Anystream Agility 2G Helps Reach Nearly One Billion Potential Viewers

Content Producers both Large and Small Can Now Use Next Generation Technology to Reach Global Audiences

STERLING, Va., March 3 / / - Grab Networks (, today announced the latest innovation in digital video encoding that was re-designed to serve the estimated 941 million online viewers globally that ABI Research has predicted for 2013(i). Anystream Agility 2G is the digital video industry's next generation video preprocessing, encoding, delivery and reporting suite designed to increase customers' capacity, eliminate the risk of failure without recovery, and provide a new, flexible, user-friendly interface to create the next generation of video production and management capabilities to serve the industry's growing demand.

Anystream Agility is the proven leader in the media production market serving the world's largest and smallest media companies including Hearst-Argyle TV, HSN, NFL Films, and Sony Pictures to efficiently deploy and distribute. With Grab Networks content providers efficiently deploy and distribute video content over virtually all online distribution channels. As an example, the previous Agility platform enabled NBC Universal® to accomplish an extraordinary task of successfully encoding 2,600 hours of programming to more than 16 on-demand destinations during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Anystream Agility 2G is re-designed to take on even greater challenges in video conversion that exceed the demands of HD (high-definition) quality and real-time delivery.

With Anystream Agility 2G, Grab Networks customers can now meet the challenges of greater throughput, better and faster availability, and more rapidly changing distribution requirements that are inherent in the current on-demand video marketplace. Coordinating video preprocessing, encoding and delivery for large amounts of content globally across multiple time zones can be a daunting task, particularly when there is little-to-no time zone lag. Grab Networks developed the more powerful Agility 2G to convert thousands of videos in real-time, a feature designed to significantly simplify the syndication of events to close markets (for instance, delivering footage from the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games in 2010 to the U.S. market).

"We are the only company that can handle the scale required to meet the needs of the next wave of video on the web," said Fred Singer, CEO of Grab Networks. "Agility 2G reaffirms our commitment to our enterprise software line and complements Grab Networks already powerful and continually expending suite of solutions geared to solving the problem of getting a majority of the most valuable video content available online and generating revenue."

"Using the Agility software we are easily able to streamline our operations, saving valuable time and resources," said Gerard Johnson, director of technology at HSN. "We started with Agility a few years ago and have seen it evolve over the past several years. Agility has come a long way, and Agility 2G is a dramatic leap forward for HSN."

Even with the increased scale of Anystream Agility 2G, Grab Networks is committed to serving clients with a complete range of video needs. As direct-to-web video production becomes a major component in many online media properties, Anystream Agility 2G also enables customers with more modest video production volumes to deploy a reduced scale version and to quickly and efficiently make their content available in a range of online channels. They also can take advantage of Agility 2G's watermarking, subtitling, onscreen graphics overlaying capabilities. And with new pricing and packaging options available, the scale and quality of Agility is no longer limited to only the major video providers. With Anystream Agility 2G Grab Networks is eager to support the up and coming web video content providers of the future.

"Beyond the fact that Anystream Agility 2G has the best technical upgrades to date, the new architecture also gives us the opportunity to create a version that is much less expensive and easier to deploy for our smaller customers who may not need to produce thousands of videos," said Russell Zack, Vice President for Product Management of Grab Networks. "At the same time we've made the software easier to deploy and use, enhancing its appeal to our smaller clients as well. From NBC to MTV Flux users, Anystream Agility 2G can help any company with their video needs."

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Grab Networks uses its decade of expertise in broadband video to address the monetization challenges facing content owners, publishers and advertisers today with a single platform to extract, produce, index, manage, publish and syndicate video. Born from the merger between Anystream and Voxant Media, Grab Networks marries the largest base of content with the largest distribution and syndication network. With 700 media clients, two million licensed assets, a network of 50,000-plus affiliates, and numerous honors including the Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award, PC Magazine's Technical Excellence Award finalist, Entrepreneur Magazine's "Hot 100" list and Deloitte & Touche's "Fast 50." Grab Networks is the clear leader in online video that touches all corners of the online video world.

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