Software aids small-businesses' in-house HR management.

Press Release Summary:

Sage 50 HR 2007 helps manage employees by recording, tracking, and storing key information pertaining to training, work patterns, and professional skills. Solution also keeps tabs on salary and job history as well as security and access rights. With these capabilities, HR information can be updated, accessed, and analyzed to help companies make well-informed decisions and comply with legal guidelines. Solution also allows integration of employee details with Sage Payroll 2007.

Original Press Release:

Sage Launches Human Resources Software in the UK

Software helps small businesses to manage their in-house HR function

NEWCASTLE - 3rd September - Business management software provider Sage (UK) Limited today announces the launch of its new HR Software, Sage 50 HR 2007. Sage 50 HR 2007 is designed to help small businesses manage their people by recording, tracking and storing key information, such as employee details, training, time keeping, and professional skills in one place. This means HR information can be easily updated, accessed and analysed, giving companies the ability make well-informed decisions and comply with legal guidelines.

Sage 50 HR 2007 integrates employee details with Sage Payroll 2007 so that any employee records that were created in Sage Payroll can be quickly and simply exported to Sage 50 HR, saving time and reducing duplication. It also complements the Sage Advice services, (HR & Health and Safety), providing a place to store information gathered from these advice services and set reminders to take action.

"The feedback we have had from customers has been very positive, and Sage 50 HR seems to have generated more interest at the pre-release stage than any other product we have dealt with due to its affordability and features," said Richard Compton, sales consultant, CentrePoint Software Ltd. "Specifically, Sage 50 HR is putting high quality HR software within the reach of small businesses where before it was restricted to the mid market. One customer in particular had looked into an HR software package previously and found that it would cost the company up to £15,000, they were delighted to discover that Sage 50 HR would cost them just £350."

Research carried out by Sage shows that the majority of customers questioned currently record and manage their HR data manually or using Excel, yet they cite the burden of this manual recording as one of the factors that would make them consider HR software. In a recent Sage Heartbeat survey, 42 per cent of businesses cited red tape as the reason they would not start up in business again.

Jo Ray, Managing Director, Sage (UK) Limited, Small Business Division comments: "Employment legislation and compliance requirements are placing a growing burden on small businesses, making it even more important for them to keep accurate records about their people."

She continues; "Sage 50 HR offers powerful functionality whilst being very easy to use so it's perfect for businesses that handle their human resources function in-house or even those without a specialist human resources function. By creating a central and secure information hub for businesses it allows HR staff to share and access information quickly and easily."

Sage 50 HR is available now and is priced from £250.


The launch of Sage 50 HR 2007 for small businesses comes shortly after Sage's recent announcement that it has acquired Snowdrop Systems Limited. Snowdrop provides Human Resources, Personnel and Payroll management software, and related services, to mid sized businesses in the UK, focusing on the 50-2000 employee range.

This acquisition brings to Sage a portfolio of HR and Payroll software solutions for the mid market, complimenting its existing offerings, which are predominantly aimed at smaller businesses. It is also part of Sage's move to provide businesses with complete suites of business management software to help them manage their finances, people, suppliers, customers and to plan for their future success.

Sage 50 HR features:

Employee Details
Sage 50 HR allows employee data such as employment status, job type, contact details, cost codes and work permit details to be made readily available and all employee information is stored within one, easy-to-access, record.

Absence Management
Holiday profiles can be created for each employee allowing employers to track holidays taken and booked. Authorised or unauthorised absences can be recorded and a detailed employee record shows the exact information for each employee helping customers to identify any unusual patterns of absence or common trends.

Performance Management
An up to date, accurate list of actions taken during a disciplinary exercise is vital when managing performance. Sage 50 HR allows maintenance, reporting and an instant view of all performance management information.

Sage 50 HR 2007 also has an appraisal record, which allows forward planning for the next appraisal period as well as monitoring individual performances through action plans.

Skills & Qualifications
By recording certain skill and qualification sets among employees Sage 50 HR is able to identify people within an organisation who could be considered for specific roles. In addition it is possible to produce job descriptions by reviewing the skills of those already in such roles.

Salary & Job History
Sage 50 HR 2007 provides an easily understood summary of the employment history for each employee. This allows HR teams personnel to track historical positions held and salaries awarded for each employee.

Work Patterns
It is possible to record the normal work pattern for each employee, giving a clear overview of full-time, part-time and shift workers as well as producing time-saving templates for employees that have similar working patterns.

Document Manager
Document Manager allows you to maintain control over all documentation relating to Sage 50 HR. It is possible to store, view, modify and print attachments such as employee contracts and disciplinary letters. Identification documents, such as passport details and driving licences, can also be scanned and saved against each employee record.

New Report Designer
The Report Designer allows unrestricted access to all relevant information collected through Sage 50 HR to speed up the reporting process.

Event Register & Diary
An easy to use prompt that acts as a reminder for important dates and actions, from highlighting the end of a probationary period to a reminder about an individual's sick day record.

Security & Access Rights
Sage 50 HR holds confidential and sensitive information about employees, the programme therefore allows users to set up individual accounts with varying degrees of access, which enables the protection of employee information.

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