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Detecting manufacturing line inefficiencies, TIPS ADVISOR OEE identifies key factors of downtime events, illustrates real-time production rate information, and classifies and categorizes rejects. Detailed filtering parameters provide variety of views that can be configured and customized for multiple audiences based on security access levels. Software provides baseline information regarding current lots or shifts, and sorting and filtering options for supervisors and managers.

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SYSTECH OEE Takes Aim at Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Productivity Issues

SYSTECH TIPS ADVISOR OEE arms pharmaceutical companies with actionable intelligence to preempt line inefficiencies and optimize productivity

CRANBURY, N.J., Oct. 25 // -- SYSTECH International, the leading provider of Packaging Execution Systems, today introduced TIPS ADVISOR OEE, a robust solution that pinpoints often-elusive manufacturing line inefficiencies. SYSTECH will be able to offer their own unique approach by combining OEE standards and line and monitoring control solutions.

Pharmaceutical companies lose a staggering $15 billion each year due to manufacturing line inefficiencies. With margin pressures mounting, pharmaceutical companies worldwide face an ongoing struggle to maximize productivity and performance while minimizing downtime across multiple facilities. Ultimately, the efficiency, availability and performance of the packaging line impacts the entire manufacturing process and, therefore, the company's bottom line.

The SYSTECH solution allows manufacturers to leverage their existing investment in automation technologies. SYSTECH OEE is integrated as an extensible module into SYSTECH TIPS ADVISOR -- a robust, high-performance packaging line automation and information management solution that addresses recipe management, change-over times, component reconciliation, item-level serialization, custom reports, and communication with business systems.

Because SYSTECH's OEE is a module of TIPS ADVISOR, SYSTECH is able to offer a fully integrated, comprehensive solution that addresses productivity loss and requires less training, maintenance, and equipment on the line.

"As a leader in Packaging Execution Systems for the pharmaceutical industry, SYSTECH International recognizes the value of metrics such as OEE," said Joseph Ringwood, vice president of sales and operations, SYSTECH International. "SYSTECH OEE is geared toward the realities of pharmaceutical manufacturing and empowers these organizations to clearly identify the factors influencing productivity and quality, which are then more readily addressed."

To provide a clear view into the inefficiencies for any asset in the production line, SYSTECH OEE is able to identify the key factors of downtime events, illustrate real-time production rate information, and classify and categorize rejects. The SYSTECH solution is a sophisticated OEE offering that goes beyond efficiency rating to provide detailed analysis of the factors that have impacted the manufacturing process and contributed to the loss of effectiveness.

Robust Reporting, Visibility, Security

The SYSTECH OEE solution features reporting capabilities for complete visibility into packaging line performance. With detailed filtering parameters, SYSTECH OEE provides a variety of views that can be configured and customized for multiple audiences based on security access levels.

For line operators, SYSTECH OEE provides baseline information regarding currents lots or shifts, and sorting and filtering options for supervisors and managers requiring in-depth analysis needed to rectify packaging line problems.

"In-time" Monitoring Reduces Line Inefficiencies

Optimized packaging line efficiency cannot be achieved by OEE alone. Continuous line monitoring and control is the only way to stop inefficiencies before they happen. Long before a problem shows itself in the OEE analysis, it happens on the packaging line. SYSTECH's line monitoring and control solution, TIPS ADVISOR(TM), ensures "in-time" notifications of issues that will, if left unaddressed, impact line productivity.

SYSTECH's solutions, unlike other offerings, provide operators continuous "in-time" line notification and control, so actions can be taken in time to preempt events that would normally negatively impact line efficiency and drive OEE down. It is only this combination of big-picture OEE analysis and constant line vigilance that can deliver optimal line performance.

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Founded in 1985, SYSTECH International is a global provider of packaging efficiency and product safety solutions in the pharmaceutical industry. The powerful combination of SYSTECH's products and services provide companies with complete control over packaging processes along with the actionable intelligence required to continuously improve packaging performance. By partnering with SYSTECH, companies can leverage an agnostic, scaleable architecture, to deliver significant improvements at the line, plant and enterprise levels. For more information about their company and products, please visit

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