Software aids in wheel design for CNC tools and grinders.

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Suited for X Class range of CNC tools and cutter grinders, Wheel Editor v27 includes key hole punch software for creation of punch geometries from library of shapes. Software also enables creation of customized contours and punches with concave and convex shapes. Additional features include Delta-C R850 drill point sharpening function and Profile Pivot Editor function to optimize feedrate.

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Version 27 Packed with More Improvements

Melbourne - ANCA has recently released version 27 for their X Class range of CNC Tools and Cutter Grinders. This version is packed with new innovative features that make the performance of an ANCA machine more efficient, provide significantly extended flexibility and enhance the possible spectrum of applications.

Product Details

The two main new features with version 27 are the addition of Key Hole Punch software and Delta-C R850 Drill Point. This increases the applications on version 27 to more industries. The Keyhole Punch software allows creation of punch geometries from a library of shapes and also allows creation of customised contours. Unlike standard punch grinders this solution is able to create punches with concave and convex shapes. Once the shape is designed the software will specify the wheel shape required to grind the punch. This wheel shape can then be loaded into the ANCA Wheel Editor. The Delta-C R850 drill point has been implemented in iGrind and is available in the drill wizard. This is a proprietary drill shape. Version 27 enables sharpening of this drill shape under license.

Version 27 has a wide range of applications, which enable users from many different industries to utilise its broad and flexible functionalities. Some of the more common applications which have been improved are:


Profile Pivot Editor function is a new feature of profile software. This option changes the way in which nine o'clock grinding positions the wheel. If full control is selected then the pivot angle can be specified at the start and end of each profile element. An option has been added in profile grinding that allows the feedrate to be optimised to maintain a constat passage of the grinding point across the profile.


The wizard has been added to the Step editor operation that will allow a single DXF file to be split into multiple step sections. A new menu has been added to the Step Editor operation that allows geometry to be displayed and selected in iView.

About ANCA

ANCA was founded in 1974 to design and manufacture high technology Computer Numerical Controls (CNCs) for the machine tool and metal-based industries. Today, ANCA has become a leading designer and manufacturer of complete, precision CNC tool and cutter grinding machines in a global niche market. With its core values of precision, innovation, quality and technological excellence, ANCA is today an international organisation of more than 300 employees with a robust set of technological and entrepreneurial skills. Offices are located in major cities in Europe, North America and Asia; with dealerships represented in over 25 countries. ANCA continues to understand market demands and produce products and services to benefit its customers.

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