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Part of Solidcore S3 Control(TM) product line and based on Solidification(TM) technology, S3 Security(TM) delivers proactive and categorical control of what runs on Solidified(TM) computing systems. It assures that no unauthorized code, whether inadvertent or malicious, can execute. Integrating with existing IT applications, software is transparent to operations, requires no initial configuration or ongoing monitoring, and never reports false positives or negatives.

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Solidcore Announces S3 Security

Operations-Centric Approach to Securing Computing Devices Delivers Scalable and Proactive Control to Address Mounting Security Threats PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 8 -- Solidcore Systems, Inc., the leading provider of IT operations control solutions, today announced S3 Security(TM), part of the Solidcore S3 Control(TM) product line. S3 Security is the latest generation of Solidcore's security software to provide a highly effective and operations-centric approach to addressing mounting security threats. Increasingly, new products and policies are being implemented to reduce security risks but are having the adverse effect of dramatically increasing the workload assigned to under-staffed and over-burdened IT operations groups that are then held responsible for ensuring greater security. Based on Solidcore's Solidification(TM) technology, S3 Security provides an entirely new approach that delivers proactive and categorical control of what can and does run on Solidified(TM) computing systems. S3 Security assures that no unauthorized code, whether inadvertent or malicious, can execute. The solution is transparent to operations and requires no initial configuration or ongoing monitoring to be effective. "Solidcore is a godsend," said Bob Lescaleet, MIS department manager at Pace Suburban Bus Service, which is the fourteenth largest bus service in the U.S. with 1,500 employees and 600 buses. "Our servers needed patching every other day to try to stay one step ahead of all the security threats. This was a real problem because we need to provide 24x7 service availability, but we aren't staffed for 24x7, and patching alone was stressing our ability to maintain our SLAs. Now, with Solidcore, if we need to patch at all, we can do it on our schedule. On top of that, Solidcore's installation was a breeze and, once running, is transparent to our operators. In fact, we just expanded our Solidcore deployment within our data center." An Operations-Centric Product "S3 Security really flips the traditional security model on its head," said Rosen Sharma, President and CEO of Solidcore. "Instead of taking a system-level view of the problem, we have taken an operations-level view. Now, finally, there is a way for operations groups to prioritize their SLAs first and foremost, while also delivering best-in-class security for their host computing infrastructure in a manner that is transparent to administrators who are working with Solidified systems." A Deploy-and-Forget Product Solidcore S3 Security integrates seamlessly with existing IT applications, including update and monitoring tools, backup and restore utilities, and anti-virus and other security software, among many others. Unlike older security solutions that are based on rules, signatures, or policies, S3 Security requires no initial configuration, which expedites enterprise-wide deployment, and no monitoring or maintenance in production. This deploy-and-forget solution uses very little system overhead and has a very small footprint. In addition, it never reports false positives or negatives, thus enabling administrators to investigate actionable alerts as opposed to monitoring and filtering numerous unverifiable incidents. A Ground-Breaking Product Solidcore S3 Security renders systems virtually unexploitable by the vast number of security vulnerabilities, both known and unknown, existent in both application and OS code. It effectively eliminates the need for emergency patching, thus increasing system availability. S3 Security allows IT management to schedule and test patches on staging systems before applying them to production systems. A decrease in the frequency of patching and the necessity of having security experts on call reduces IT operating costs significantly. "After several years of customer feedback and continuing research and development, we are proud to announce that this latest version of our product provides a truly innovative and practical approach to addressing the global problem of increasingly insecure computing environments," said Sharma. "The growing momentum Solidcore is experiencing can be directly attributable to our unique, effective, and deployable approach to the growing and costly problems related to change control and security." About Solidcore Solidcore Systems is the leading provider of IT control solutions that facilitate an organization's ability to gain cost-effective and categorical control of its IT operations and realize immediate and tangible value in security, compliance, and change control. Solidcore solutions are being utilized by leading Fortune 500 companies and U.S. government agencies. Solidcore Systems is a private, venture-backed enterprise software company with its headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Please call toll free (888) 210-6530 or visit for more information. About Pace Suburban Bus Service Pace is the premier suburban transit provider, quickly moving people to work and school safely and efficiently. The backbone of Chicago's suburbs, Pace serves 130,000 daily riders with 240 routes, 450 vanpools, and many Dial-a-Ride programs. Pace covers 3,500 square miles and is the 14th largest bus service in North America. Solidcore, the Solidcore logo, Solidification, Solidified, S3 Control, and S3 Security are trademarks of Solidcore Systems, Inc. in the United States and worldwide. All rights reserved.

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