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Soft X-Ray Beamline Commissioned

McPherson, Inc. beamline and components enabled commissioning of the Soft X-ray Analytics Facility at the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH synchrotron radiation storage ring, ANKA.

McPherson, Inc. delivered key components for this wide energy range monochromator beamline. It is another million dollar McPherson system for sophisticated R&D and experiments in the higher energy ranges of the spectrum. The system features apertures and precision slits that can withstand localized, high heat loads and maintain their precise settings of 10-microns or better. The 27 meter long instrument contains mirror mounts for demanding optics and precision manipulator mechanisms to move and focus all optical components under ultra high vacuum conditions. The system is equipped with motorization, remote controls and encoders that record true positions in relation to motor motions. Clean stainless steel vacuum chambers and supporting structures and pedestals are core elements of the beam line. Engineers and physicists from McPherson's' Chelmsford facility traveled to Germany to lend a hand with installation and commissioning.

This Soft X-ray Analytical Beamline is slated to perform electron spectroscopy experiments including: photoemission electron microscopy, photoemission spectroscopy, near-edge x-ray absorption and soft x-ray magnetic circular dichroism. The beamline works in the range 80 to 1400-eV (with possible future expansion to 15-eV.) McPherson. Inc is located in Chelmsford, MA. For over 50-years McPherson has specialized in instruments for spectroscopy from the x-ray region to the IR. McPherson works with physicists and chemists involved in basic research and spectral interaction with matter and our environment.

For more information contact:
Erik Schoeffel, McPherson, Inc., 7A Stuart Road, Chelmsford MA 01824-4107
Telephone 978-256-4512 (or 1-800-255-1055), Fax 978-250-8625

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