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Knoodle Cloud-based Social Learning Solution combines social features such as chat, annotation, and comments with LMS capabilities such as testing, tracking, and data reporting. Users can add quizzes/surveys as well as record video and audio on-the-fly as they create presentation. Presentations can be fine-tuned by typing in exact time slide should appear in video or audio track. With Manage interface, users can see all presentations in one viewing window to facilitate editing and publishing.

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Knoodle Announces Enhanced Interface to Power Social Learning

Social Features and Easy-to-Use Interface Allows Anyone in a Company to Create On-Demand Presentations and Learning Content

SANTA CLARA, Calif., -- Knoodle, an innovative cloud-based social learning solution provider, announced today the third release of its social learning platform. In this release, Knoodle has enhanced the entire presentation creation and management process, allowing anyone in a company to quickly create and deliver content to facilitate social learning. Knoodle brings learning and knowledge sharing to the center of any social workplace with functionality that allow companies to deliver hosted, informal, self-paced, and mobile training on demand.

"The future of e-learning is just-in-time training; small sessions only 10-15 minutes long that include video and are mobile. This is how the current generation learns, with video and short blasts of information," said Tammy Turner, Director of Training, at Fresquez Concessions. "Knoodle enables the training of tomorrow in an inexpensive product today."

Knoodle combines social features (such as chat, annotation, comments, and viewer ratings) with the capabilities of a lightweight learning management system (LMS) (such as testing, tracking, and data reporting) into a single solution where anyone can augment PowerPoint slides with audio, video, or voice-recordings to create a social learning environment. With Knoodle, anyone in an organization can share their expertise as a teacher and leverage that knowledge as a student. Knoodle's new release focuses on eliminating complicated design, the need for extensive course scheduling and video production expertise, and the cost of expensive learning management systems. New functionality includes:

-- Adding surveys, quizzes, video, and audio while you create a presentation: You can now add quizzes/surveys as well as record video and audio on the fly as you create your presentation, making the presentation creation process much more streamlined.

-- Drag-and-drop multiple files for uploading: The new "drag-and-drop" feature lets you select and drag multiple files from your desktop into Knoodle for easy bulk uploading.

-- Fine-tune slide syncing: Fine-tune your presentations by typing in the exact time you want a slide to appear in your video our audio track - perfect if you already know the specific timing for your presentation.

-- Manage your presentations easily: Our new "Manage" interface provides a much improved layout that allows you to see all presentations in one viewing window, making editing and publishing your presentations even easier.

"Today's social workplace needs knowledge sharing and learning that leverages the experts across a business without slowing the company down," said Michael Rose, GM of Knoodle. "Knoodle breaks down the barriers between silos of people where knowledge resides, and takes the complication out of training and knowledge sharing by turning every presentation and piece of content that may already be available into a quick opportunity to learn collaboratively. Now, in a matter of minutes, they can share, grow and innovate together."


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Knoodle provides a quick and easy cloud-based social learning solution. With Knoodle, organizations can deliver presentations and online training in the way their social workplace operates today: socially, organically, and ubiquitously. Knoodle places communications and training in the hands of every employee, allowing for dynamic and on-demand knowledge sharing with team members, partners, and customers. Deliver more engaging presentations and training within minutes by using a combination of PowerPoint slides, video, audio, images, surveys or tests, multiple delivery options, and data analytics.

Founded in 2009, Knoodle is an SK Telecom Americas portfolio company. With a $12 billion market cap, SK Telecom (NYSE: SKM) is South Korea's largest telecommunications company.

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