Snow Blowers throw wet, heavy snow far.

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Models LSB48, LSB67, LSB73, LSB85, and LSB85 Extreme, with reversible augers and impellers, have intake widths of 48, 67, 73, and 85 in., respectively. Model LSB48 has a throwing distance of up to 30 ft, 14 in. auger diameter, and weighs 670 lb. Model LSB67 throws up to 30 ft, has 12 in. auger, and weighs 790 lb. Model LSB73 throws 40 ft, has 16 in. auger, and weighs 900 lb. Models LSB85 and LSB85 Extreme throw 40 ft, have 18 in. auger, and weigh 1,100 and 1,260 lb, respectively.

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Loegering Snow Blowers

Loegering Snow Blowers Throw Wet, Heavy Snow Farther, Faster, Better Casselton, North Dakota - Loegering's new line of snow blowers are engineered to maximize capacity and throwing distance, and eliminate the hassles associated with snow removal. The innovative new attachments outperform the competition by throwing wet, heavy snow farther and faster. Five snow blower models are now available, including the newest model size, the Loegering LSB48 along with the LSB67, LSB73, LSB85 and LSB85 Extreme, with intake widths of 48 inches, 67 inches, 73 inches and 85 inches. The Loegering LSB48 has a throwing distance of up to 30 feet, a 14-inch auger diameter, and 24-inch cutting height and weighs 670 pounds. The LSB67 features a throwing distance of up to 30 feet, a 12-inch auger diameter, and 24-inch cutting height and weighs 790 pounds. The Loegering LSB73 exhibits a throwing distance of up to 40 feet, a 16-inch auger diameter, and a 32-inch cutting height and weighs 900 pounds. The Loegering LSB85 and LSB85 Extreme have a throwing distance of up to 40 feet, an 18-inch auger diameter, a 36-inch cutting height and weigh 1,100 pounds and 1,260 pounds respectively. All five snow blowers' chutes rotate 210 degrees. Loegering's exclusive impeller design draws in only as much snow as it can throw. This provides the appropriate balance of rpm and torque to maximize both capacity and throwing distances. The reversible auger and impeller design expels obstructions without requiring the operator to exit the loader. A smooth chute design eliminates ledges to prevent bridging and plugging. The hydraulically-driven chute, auger, impeller and deflector provide easier adjusting, longer life and less maintenance. The corrosion-resistant chute chain prevents rusting. A plastic washer system separating the impeller tunnel and chute prevents chute freeze ups. Hydraulic tube lines follow the contour of the machine, preventing wear and damage due to vibration. Loegering, the original skid-steer track manufacturer, has been building tracks for 30 years and tracking self-propelled booms since 1977. The company designs and produces tracks and attachments for distribution worldwide. For more information, please contact: Becky Fix, Marketing Coordinator, (701) 347-6316, e-mail: Our Mission: Be a steward of excellence by building on our foundation of quality products, customer service, profitability and ethical treatment of people.

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