SMT Placement System runs multiple jobs without pause.

Press Release Summary:

Advantage autoplacer, with 324-feeder capacity, is configured so that when first job is finished, feeders for second job are already waiting. System can place entire range of components, from 0201's up to 55 x 55 mm, with speeds up to 21,600 c/hr without need for fine pitch placer or chip shooter. It has modular design that incorporates integration software package.

Original Press Release:

MIMOT Announces Largest Feeder Capacity - Up to 324 per Machine; Runs Multiple Jobs Without Pause or Changeover

Irvine, California, USA - MIMOT announces the largest feeder capacity of any pick and place system - over 300 feeders onboard at any one time - maximizing system flexibility and reducing or eliminating production-crippling changeover times. This means than multiple jobs can be run on the placement machine without the need to stop to change feeders.

"The new American market is demanding higher flexibility for cost-efficient, just-in-time production" says Joerg Widmer, General Manager of MIMOT's U.S. operation. "The MIMOT autoplacer is configured such that when the first job is finished, the feeders for the second job are already waiting and production is not interrupted. Up to 324 smart feeders can be changed on the running MIMOT placement machine while production never stops. The system is able to place the entire range of components from 0201's up to 55 x 55mm with a speed up to 21,600 c/h without the need for a fine pitch placer or chip shooter. Major US companies have already decided in favor of this unique concept to meet the needs of a new and challenging market."

MIMOT's highly capable Advantage placement product line, in addition to offering the industry's highest feeder capacity, delivers increased placement speeds, unsurpassed flexibility and a unique modular design that incorporates a superior integration software package.

MIMOT is a global leader in flexible SMT placement equipment, with facilities in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. MIMOT has led the industry in flexible, accurate placement technology for over 25 years, and builds its own board handling modules and precision dispensers as well as its placement machines. For more information, visit, or contact MIMOT North America at 16 Technology Drive, Suite 133, Irvine, California, 92618 USA; tel. (949) 727-4600, fax (949) 727-4687.

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