Smoke Detector works in hostile environments.

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HARSH(TM) provides smoke detection in dirty and wet surroundings. It eliminates nuisance alarms by using small air intake fan to draw air and smoke into photoelectric sensing chamber. Micro-pore filter removes unwanted airborne particulates and water mist, while its housing protects detection chamber and electronics. Features include two 25 Micron filters, intelligent analog communication for fan supervision, and cycled fan operation.

Original Press Release:

Notifier Offers Harsh(TM) Detector For Hostile Environments

Nortihford, CT - NOTIFIER, the world's largest manufacturer of commercial fire alarm systems and part of Honeywell's Home and Building Control Business, introduces its HARSH(TM) (Hostile-ARea Smoke Head) Detector-an Onyx Series advanced detection product that provides early warning smoke detection in hostile environments where traditional smoke detectors are not practical. HARSH is ideal for dirty and wet surroundings such as paper and lumber mills, food processing plants, elevator penthouses, packaging areas, laundry rooms, animal holding areas (i.e. zoos, stables and barns) and subway tunnels. NOTIFIER'S HARSH Detector eliminates nuisance alarms by using a small air intake fan to draw air and smoke into a photoelectric sensing chamber through a micro-pore filter, removing unwanted airborne particulates and water mist. This feature allows HARSH to operate in difficult applications, such as textile mills, where rough environmental conditions tend to cause false alarms with standard smoke detectors. HARSH hosts a variety of features including: two high performance 25 Micron filters, unique housing to help protect the detection chamber and electronics; intelligent analog communication that provides complete supervision of fan, filter and detection chamber; and cycled fan operation to reduce power consumption and extend filter life. HARSH is compatible with all NOTIFIER intelligent fire control panels for new or retrofit installations.

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