Smart Way to Salvage Roll Product

Roll Restorer helps salvage material on damaged or crushed cores.

(Nashua, NH) - NimCor, a leading producer of high-quality accessories for the web-process industry, offers several models of the Roll Restorer that helps converters salvage roll products on damaged or crushed cores. The Roll Restorer uses hydraulic pressure to reform damaged cores from 2" to 12" I.D. diameter. Mobile carts provide ease of storage and mobility while carrying all expander heads and flanges for different core sizes. Operators can now quickly and easily salvage good product and avoid lost productivity when damaged cores prevent conventional unwind mounting. NimCor: 888-464-6267

Since first manufacturing airshafts in 1961, NimCor, Inc. has emerged as a leader in the production of high-quality airshafts, bowed rolls, air chucks, air mechanical chucks, safety chucks and accessories for the web-process industry throughout North and South America, in parts of Europe and also around the Pacific Rim. With headquarters in Nashua, New Hampshire, just 50 miles north of Boston, the company utilizes the area's abundance of skilled labor and an innovative in-house training program to produce superior web-handling products. 888-464-6267

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