Smart Screwdriver System suits range of assembly applications.

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Available in pistol or inline configuration, Multi Torque current-controlled electric torque screwdriver and Smart Arm System provides flexibility and control via 8-in-one tool combination. Clutch-less design works with programmable controller featuring up to 8 different torque values, which include ramp time, rundown speed, slow stop, auto-reverse, and hard/soft joint capability. System identifies up to 200 fastener locations in correct sequence and delivers torque from 4-132 lb-in.

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Smart Multi Torque Screwdriver System from Kolver USA Delivers Error-Proof Assembly

Westford, Massachusetts, USA - The new Multi Torque current-controlled electric torque screwdriver and Smart Arm System from Kolver USA offers unmatched flexibility and control in an 8-in-one tool combination. Its unique clutch-less design works in conjunction with a programmable controller with up to 8 different torque values. These include variable ramp time, rundown speed, slow stop, auto-reverse, and hard/soft joint capability, all easily programmed in this compact, durable unit. The self-contained Multi Torque doesn't require a PC for control, and its socket/bit tray is incorporated into the system for up to 8 different bit/socket configurations. The Kolver Multi Torque offers a torque range from 4 in/lbs. to 132 in/lbs., so it is ideal for a wide range of assembly applications from electronics manufacturing, medical equipment assembly, automotive sub-contractors, aircraft, and appliance manufacturing- the full range of industrial assembly tasks. "Our Multi Torque and Smart Arm System performs many functions with one tool" says Curt Logee, Vice President Sales & Marketing. "It replaces up to 8 different drivers with one, may be programmed to identify up to 200 fastener locations in the correct sequence, and always delivers precise torque. This dramatically reduces overall equipment costs and also increases productivity, since all torque values, locations, and bit/sockets are pre-programmed." It's a 'smart' system, Logee adds. "The operator simply programs up to 8 different torque values into the controller, and assigns those values to each opening in the bit/socket tray, and to a specific location. The operator then moves the arm to the programmed location, which identifies the correct bit or socket to be used, and that pre-assigned torque value is transferred automatically to the driver, so the screw being driven sees the correct bit, correct location, and the correct torque. When another location is identified - and another bit is pulled from the tray - that pre-programmed torque value is assigned to the driver, and that screw is also driven correctly. That's true error-proof assembly." Available in pistol or inline configuration, the Multi Torque is equipped with all ESD-safe driver housings and cord sets, as well as integral I/O for automation applications. Optional Smart Bins are also available, which ensure that the correct screw is picked for each programmed assembly operation. About Kolver USA KolverUSA is a Joint Venture between Blackstone Global, Inc of Westford, MA and Kolver S.r.l. of Thiene, Italy. Kolver USA has combined the Kolver product line with other products from around the world and added innovative solutions to provide the most complete, cost-effective, and well-regarded products in the industry. For more information, visit, or contact the company at 1 Park Drive, Unit 9, Westford, MA 01886 USA; Tel. (978) 692-5166; visit the web site for other offices, dealers, and representatives in the Americas.

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