Smart Press with Heater Plates

Fancort was approached by a well known government agency with a requirement for a very accurate, low force, assembly press that incorporated heater plates for compressing and heating semiconductor materials. The press was for RD, and had to incorporate extreme versatility to handle the broad range of materials they were working with.

The customer was unable to find an off-the-shelf solution, and after calling on several press manufacturers, were basically told no quote by all of them. 

They contacted Fancort and one of our sales engineers decided this was something Fancort was willing to tackle. The end result was a programmable servopress with three, easily interchangeable actuators with different force ranges: one was from .2to 20kgf, the second was from .4 to 40kgf and the last was from .6 to 60kgf. The customer also needed to heat his material to temperatures of 400C, but it was critical that the heat did not distort the die set which held the parts.

The system had to be easy to use with software that allowed easy programming of force, distance and time variables, and then storing these programs on a PC. Fancort's solution included a teach pendant and software for operating the press, and a simple control box for setting temperatures on the heater plates.

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