SMART launches new Sympodium ID350 and ID370 Models in the Middle East

Dubai, UAE, January 28, 2007 --- SMART Technologies Inc. announces the launch of two new additions to its Sympodium brand product family - the ID350 and ID370 interactive pen display models - in the Middle East. Offering the quality, durability and functionality of all of SMART's interactive products, the new ID350 and ID370 feature a sleek, bezel-less writing surface, two high-speed USB hubs, more functionality and the latest release of SMART Board software. Like their predecessor, the ID250, both models are easy-to-use presentation tools that enhance digital information sharing in teaching, training and meeting environments. Presenters simply touch the battery-free tethered pen to the LCD screen to launch and control applications, open files and write in digital ink over files and applications, including PowerPoint slides, websites and moving video.

The Sympodium ID350 interactive pen display replaces the ID250 model with a sleeker, more compact design. The small footprint and light weight mean users can easily place the ID350 on lecterns of virtually any size. With XGA resolution (1024x768) and SMART Board software 9.5, the ID350 packs performance and elegance into a small package. The completely new Sympodium ID370 interactive pen display offers enhanced image quality and SXGA resolution (1280x1024). It is ideal for viewing complex, detailed information. The ID350 and ID370 join the DT770, SMART's dual touch 17 inch (43.2-cm) interactive pen display introduced in June 2005.

"Maher Husseini, Director, Intmark Distribution said, "SMART's Sympodium ID350 and ID370 are ideal tools for presentations requiring fine detail and are perfect for situations that require versatility in a compact package, particularly in the Middle East's corporate and education segments, where advanced technology is being adopted increasingly to achieve higher levels of performance and efficiency."

Sympodium interactive pen displays are being broadly deployed in classrooms, training rooms and meetings rooms," says Nancy Knowlton, SMART's CEO. "The ID350 and ID370 provide more screen-size and resolution options for business people and educators who must deliver high-impact, multimedia presentations."

About Sympodium Interactive Pen Displays
Sympodium interactive pen displays, including the ID350, ID370 and DT770 models, connect directly to a projector and computer and simultaneously display a computer image on their screen and a larger presentation screen for everyone to see. Unique pen-tool buttons make it easy for users to change pen colours or erase notes and function buttons provide convenient access to features such as the on-screen keyboard, floating tools menu and screen capture tool.

The ID350 features a 15 inch (38.1-cm) interactive display with XGA resolution, while both the ID370 and DT770 feature a 17 inch (43.2-cm) interactive display with SXGA resolution. This enables presenters to control computer applications and write notes over files and applications in digital ink simply by using the battery-free tethered pen. The securely attached battery-free pen also ensures that the Sympodium interactive pen display is always ready for use.

Two integrated high-speed USB hubs make it quick and easy for guest presenters to upload files and presentations or attach a variety of USB peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse, headset or other tools. The pen-tool buttons provide an intuitive way to change ink colour, eraser and mouse settings without crowding the display with on-screen toolbars, while the function buttons provide quick, convenient access to Notebook software (the whiteboarding application within SMART Board software) and the On-Screen Keyboard, Floating Tools menu and screen capture tool.

All Sympodium interactive pen displays come bundled with SMART Board software 9.5 for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Richer and more intuitive, version 9.5 offers new features and resources that help instructors and trainers create, manage, teach and present digital content on SMART Board interactive whiteboards and other SMART products. Users can write and edit notes in digital ink, import or export PowerPoint presentations, record data and audio, and create dynamic, seamless presentations in Notebook software. SMART Board software is regularly upgraded and is available as a free download to all SMART customers.

Another feature is the integrated distribution amplifier, which allows Sympodium interactive pen displays to connect directly to a projector and computer in order to present the same information on the display screen and a large presentation screen. The Tilt Stand ensures that the ID350 and ID370 models can be positioned at a comfortable viewing and writing angle on a wide variety of surfaces, including podiums, lecterns, tables, media carts and desks. Both the models come with a VESA mounting plate. This means the ID350 and ID370 can be integrated with a variety of technologies. Any VESA-75 mm LCD mounting arm can be used for the ID350, and a VESA-100 mm arm can be used for the ID370.

Sympodium interactive pen displays feature all the interactive capabilities of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, SMART's flagship product. For additional information, specifications or authorised resellers, visit

SMART Technologies Inc. is the industry pioneer and a global market leader in easy-to-use interactive whiteboards and other group collaboration tools. SMART products include the family of award-winning SMART Board interactive whiteboards, as well as interactive pen displays, interactive digital signage, wireless slates and software. Using SMART products, groups can access and share the information they need to meet, teach, train and present. SMART has been issued and maintains a broad portfolio of patents with numerous other US, Canadian and foreign patents pending. SMART customers include NASA, Texas Instruments, BMW, Toyota Motors, DaimlerChrysler, Boeing, Lucent Technologies, NTT, the Los Angeles Lakers, Novartis, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Accenture, Procter & Gamble, British Telecom, Disney Imagineering and Harvard University.

SMART is a private company founded in 1987. Employing more than 800 people, SMART is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with assembly facilities in Ottawa and offices in Bonn, Tokyo, New York City and Washington DC. In 1992, SMART formed a strategic alliance with Intel Corporation that resulted in joint product development and marketing efforts, and Intel's equity ownership in the company. SMART products are sold through dealers across North America and distributors worldwide. For more information, visit

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