Smart Force(TM) EL Inverters from ERG Offer Plug-and-Play Power Solutions for Backlighting and Illumination Applications

Endicott, NY, November 2008 - The family of Smart Force(TM) DC-AC EL inverters from Endicott Research Group (ERG) Inc. provides a wide range of standard and custom solutions for display and device designers who need to power electroluminescent (EL) backlit LCDs or devices where EL is used for accent and decorative lighting.

"EL is still a very viable technology for backlighting flat panel displays as well as for accent and decorative illumination in a variety of applications," said Bill Abbott, Director of Sales & Marketing at ERG. "EL is compact, lightweight, and completely solid state and is still widely used in harsh and demanding industrial display environments because of its excellent shock and vibration resistance."

Vacuum encapsulated for maximum reliability, ERG's Smart Force(TM) inverters actually prolong the useful life of the EL lamps they power because they automatically adjust operating voltage and frequency as the lamp ages and changes.

Standard inverter designs are available to provide off-the-shelf products in various package configurations to address common system and design requirements. Two Series are available - the JLA Series, designed to power EL lamps used to backlight LCDs from a wide range of manufacturers, and the LPS Series, for powering conventional foil EL lamps used in a wide variety of backlighting applications. ERG also offers a wide array of custom EL inverter solutions for virtually any requirement that are mechanically and electrically designed for the specific application.

Pricing for ERG's Smart Force(TM) EL inverters varies according to size, type and capability. Pricing for JLA and LPS Series inverters is $5.83 each in 1,000-piece quantities in the standard package. Pricing for the more compact P Package is $5.59 each. Delivery is typically 4-6 weeks A.R.O.

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