Smart Charger supports up to 3 devices at once.

Press Release Summary:

Capable of charging and docking up to 3 devices simultaneously, Easy-Doks CR19 lets customers continue using devices while charging with included docking/charging stand, Bluetooth keyboard, and speaker system. Smart Current Detection technology charges each device individually, adjusting flow to avoid harmful over-charging. Compatible with any smart device, CR19 also includes Tidy-Cable organizer to keep cables neat and FM stereo alarm clock radio with remote control.

Original Press Release:

Easy-Doks Launches Easy-Doks CR19 at CES --3 Port Smart Charger with Bluetooth Keyboard

Charges Up to 3 Devices at Once - Continue Using Your Devices While Charging with Stand, Full Bluetooth Keyboard & Speaker System

Features Smart Current Detection (SCD) Technology to Save Your Devices from Harmful Overcharging

Largo, Florida -- Easy-Doks, LLC, maker of the innovative line of smart chargers, announced today that it will introduce at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) the Easy-Doks CR19 essential smart quick charger, which charges and docks up to 3 devices simultaneously, displaying your devices in one place at all times.  The Easy-Doks CR19 lets you continue using your devices while charging with the included docking/charging stand, Bluetooth keyboard and speaker system.  Easy-Doks CR19 charges all phones (including iPhones, Androids & Blackberrys), tablets (iPads, Galaxys, Kindles, etc.), MP3 players (iPods, etc.), headsets, Bluetooth speakers, and more at the same time, for a professional looking charging/docking solution. 

The Easy-Doks CR19 will be introduced at CES, held January 8-11, 2013 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Easy-Doks Booth #8639 – Central Hall.

The CR19 features Smart Current Detection (SCD) Technology to charge each device individually, adjusting the flow to ensure proper charging to each device to avoid harmful over-charging, which reduces battery longevity.  The CR19 also features a “Tidy-Cable” organizer to keep cables neat; an FM stereo alarm clock radio with remote for waking up with music; a long-life battery Bluetooth full keyboard, which is easier to use than the keyboards that are supplied with devices; and a speaker system, which lets you listen to one device while charging the devices at the same time.

“The Easy-Doks19 is a great solution, especially when you are at home or work and need something to hold up your tablet and want to type on your tablet while charging.  Also, I never liked the tablet’s keypad.  I like to use a full keyboard instead.  And just like any Bluetooth keyboard, you still need a charger for a USB hub.  We are also offering that with the Easy-Doks 19,” said Jack Strauser, CEO and inventor of Easy-Doks, LLC.

Easy-Doks CR19 Features:

•  Organizes:  Holds any 3 portable devices (including phones) all at the same time, in one location.

•  Charges:  Charges 3 devices using SCD (Smart Current Detection) to adjust the current flow to ensure proper charging to each device.

•  Plays:  Displays and lets you listen to one device on its high quality speaker system while charging devices.

•  Clock Radio:  Lets you wake up to FM stereo alarm clock radio with time, alarm, and sleep functions.

•  Bluetooth Keyboard:  Connects to full long-life battery Bluetooth keyboard for easy typing.

•  Compatible cradle for smartphones and MP3 players.

•  Surge protection built-in.

•  Tidy-Cable organizes cables.

•  Battery backup for power outages.

•  Compatible with any smart device.

•  4W output power.

•  AC/DC Adaptor (UL approved).

•  AC 110V/50Hz~AC 240V/60Hz.

Additional Versions Available with One to Six USB Charging Ports

The Easy-Doks CR19 will be available February 2013 priced at $84.99.  It comes with 3 charging ports, Bluetooth Keyboard, Alarm Clock, Speaker System, docking station, 3 USB charging cables, AUX cable, AC adaptor, and cradles.  Additional Easy-Doks versions are also available (see list below).  Easy-Doks is available at,,,,, and  For more information, see

Easy-Doks Pricing:

•  CR19 (3 charging ports & Bluetooth keyboard) $84.99

•  CR34 (6 charging ports) $99.99

•  CR30 (4 charging ports) $79.99

•  CR15 (3 charging ports) $34.99

About Easy-Doks

Based in Largo, Florida, Easy-Doks is your go-to source for quick-charging for all your devices, smartphones, tablets, iPods, iPads or MP3 players.  Easy-Doks’ DOK brand provides low-priced solutions to solve all your charging needs, from reliable smartphone charging stations and docks to travel-ready car chargers.  Easy-Doks are made from the best electronic circuit boards and components available,  subjected to strenuous testing  -- the Dok charging units will last forever.  With your busy lifestyle, never miss a call or text again because your phone ran out of power.  Easy-Doks chargers are affordable and compatible with every brand of smartphone in the market.  For more information, see

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