Small Format Press provides 15 tons of cutting pressure.

Press Release Summary:

In addition to die cutting 13 x 19 in. digitally printed sheets, PrecisionCut 20 can handle variety of materials up to 14 x 20 in. Pneumatic system operates with small air compressor or portable CO2 tank. Featuring 4-post construction with precision ground thick steel plate, press offers extended die life with precision depth control customizable to operation. For safety, PrecisionCut 20 comes standard with OSHA-compliant 2-hand anti-tie down controls.

Original Press Release:

Steel Rule Diemasters Introduces the First Small Format Press to Die Cut 13x19 Digitally Printed Sheets

Milwaukee, WI – Steel Rule Diemasters introduces the first only small format machine that has the ability to die cut 13” x 19” digitally printed sheets, but can also handle a variety of materials up to 14” x 20”. With 15 tons of cutting pressure, this machine can tackle your toughest die cutting jobs with ease. This compact die cutting press has the smallest footprint size in its category, making it a cost effective option for many businesses.

Die Cutting Printed Sheets

The PrecisionCut 20 has the ability to die cut 13” x 19” digitally printed sheets. Many printers often die cut material that needs to be registered with a previously printed design. To ensure consistent cuts are made within the design, registration pins are commonly used. The PrecisionCut 20 allows for printers to register 13” x 19” sheets quickly and repeatedly. Unlike other larger presses, the PrecisionCut 20 offers extended die life with precision depth control customizable to your operation. This pneumatic press is simple to use with easy start up and little to no make ready.

Affordable Investment

Outsourcing your die cutting is inefficient, expensive, and leaves you with limited options. The PrecisonCut 20 allows you to bring die cutting in-house in an affordable way. Steel Rule Diemasters’ machines can increase your profits in little time and also give you control of your production. By bringing your die cutting in house you will benefit from high quality end product, a more efficient production, and a high ROI.

Flexible Die Cutting Solutions

The PrecisionCut 20 is the next step in the PrecisionCut Series, a new line of steel rule die cutting machines by Steel Rule Diemasters. These high-quality, affordable presses offer your production the flexibility it needs. The PrecisionCut 12, is a 12” x 12” space-saving die cutting machine used to cut a variety of materials at a cutting pressure of 7 tons. The PrecisionCut 20 is twice the size and cutting power of the PrecisionCut 12. Steel Rule Diemasters saw a need in the market for a larger machine that is targeted towards short runs, which caused them to engineer the PrecisionCut 20. Steel Rule Diemasters also offers custom press options if your production needs something more specific.

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Steel Rule Diemasters is your complete solution to all your die cutting needs. They manufacture high quality dies along with presses to bring your die cutting production in house.

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