Small Form Factor SBCs meet low-power consumption demands.

Press Release Summary:

Supplied with 3.5 in. and EPIC form factors, ECM-LX800 and EPI-LX800 are based on AMD Geode CS5536 Chipset and powered by AMD Geode LX800 processor. Both work with passive cooling, even without heat sink, and suit limited-space environments. Model-independent features include up to 1 GB DDR SODIMM memory, COM ports, EIDE, dual LAN, CF socket, and USB ports. For display options, units provide VGA, LVDS, or TTL LCD support. Model ECM-LX800 also provides 2 SATA connectors.

Original Press Release:

Avalue Technology Introduces the 3.5" and EPIC Small Form-Factor SBC for your Low Power Consumption Demands.

Avalue Technology is today proud to introduce you to the ECM-LX800 and the EPI-LX800, two versatile models with low power consumption, high performance, small size, and reliability. Powered by AMD Geode LX800 processors, these models demonstrate that you don't have to sacrifice performance to achieve low power consumption in small form-factors anymore. Also benefiting from low power consumption, these two models won't be troubled by thermal problems and can be used in high temperature environments. Due to these outstanding features, the ECM-LX800 and the EPI-LX800 are suitable for small size, limited space and temperature-demanding applications, such as thin client and portal computing devices.

Fanless Operation
The AMD Geode LX800@0.9W processor operates at a maximum power of 3.6W and 1.8W is typical at 500MHz. Therefore, these products can work smoothly with passive cooling or even without a heat sink for a more flexible design.

Performance & Energy Efficiency
Equipped with AMD Geode LX800 low power processors, AMD-based solutions provide an answer to your demands for high reliability, great performance and energy efficiency. Due to the innovative energy-efficiency function, Avalue can provide you with small form-factor designs like the ECM-LX800 (3.5") and the EPI-LX800 (EPIC).

Rich Features
With elaborative and unique design, the ECM-LX800 and the EPI-LX800 provide numerous features including DDR SODIMM memory, COM ports, EIDE, dual LAN, CF socket and 4 USB 2.0 ports. For display options, VGA, LVDS (support 18-bit or 24-bit) or TTL LCD is available. Moreover, the ECM-LX800 provides 2 SATA connectors for an outstanding data-transmitting rate. Additionally, the EPI-LX800 can offer you convenient external connectors, such as audio and 4 USB 2.0 ports.

Legacy Support
Accompanied by PC/104 connector, TTL LCD, and 4 COM ports, the ECM-LX800 is undeniably the best solution for legacy support. With these integrated features, it is an excellent choice to replace your existing models because it can easily be upgraded and flexibly extended to meet any specific requirements.

o Onboard AMD Geode LX800@0.9W with 128K L2 Cache CPU
o AMD Geode CS5536 Chipset
o 1 CH 18/24-bit LVDS, TTL LCD and Dual View
o Dual Realtek RTL8101L 10/100 LAN
o 1 PC/104, Type I/II CF
o 2 SATA, 4 COM, 4 USB 2.0, 18-bit GPIO

o Onboard AMD Geode LX800@0.9W with 128K L2 Cache CPU
o AMD Geode CS5536 Chipset
o 1 CH 18-bit LVDS, TTL LCD and Dual View
o Dual Realtek RTL8100C 10/100 LAN
o 1 PCI/104, Type I/II CF
o 2 COM, 4 USB 2.0, 18/24-bit GPIO
o Single 12V Input
o Optional Touch Screen
o Optional Gigabit LAN

With rich I/O connectivity options and small footprint, the ECM-LX800 & the EPI-LX800 can truly meet a wide range of applications and present one of the best choices for embedded system products, such as:
o Thin Client
o Automation
o Digital Control
o Storage Devices
o Portal Computing Devices
o Set-Top Box

About Avalue
Avalue has been dedicated to delivering long-life embedded computer systems and authorized OEM/ODM services since established in 2000. Staffed with a seasoned R&D engineering department, Avalue has successfully expanded their expertise from x86 platforms into RISC-based hardware and software solutions. Avalue provides a wide selection of products including small form factor single board computers, ETX, motherboards, InnoFlex Panel PCs, Box computers and more.
Avalue is a member of the Intel® Communications Alliance (ICA), a community of developers and solution providers utilizing Intel® technology in the product development and deployment. Avalue is committed to providing a strategic supply of standards-based solutions to the communications and embedded market segments. For more information, please visit:

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