Slotted Optical Switch features low-profile design.

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Model OPB200 optically-triggered switch contains 890 nm infrared LED and phototransistor paired in 0.200 x 0.320 x 0.400 in. opaque plastic housing. When no object is present in slot, output phototransistor conducts current to maintain circuit, and when object enters slot, output switches to off state to interrupt circuit. Forward voltage is 1.7 V at IF of 200 mA, with reverse current of 100 µA at VR of 2 V. Operating temperature range is from -40 to +85°C.

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OPTEK Develops Low-Profile Slotted Optical Switch for Non-Contact Interruptive Sensing Applications

Carrollton, TX - Providing machine and automation design engineers with a reliable means of non-contact interruptive object sensing, TT electronics OPTEK Technology has developed a low-profile slotted switch designed with a wider slot to accommodate more applications. Designated the OPB200, the optically-triggered switch contains an 890nm infrared LED and a phototransistor paired in an opaque plastic housing.

"By adapting the design of this switch to include a wider sensing gap and a lower board-mounted profile, we've expanded the range of applications where engineers can employ non-contact switching," said Roland Chapa, vice president of optoelectronic integrated solutions for OPTEK Technology. "It is ideal for most types of machine automation circuits, especially for assembly line automation and machine safety/security applications."

When no object is present in the slot, the output phototransistor conducts current to maintain the circuit. When an object enters the slot and blocks the beam of infrared light from the LED, the output switches to the OFF state to interrupt the circuit. The device housing is constructed of opaque injection-molded plastic to minimize the sensitivity of the assembly's optical components to ambient visible and near-infrared light, thus enhancing performance.

The OPB200 switch exhibits a forward voltage of 1.7V (max) @IF = 20mA; with a reverse current of 100µA (max) @VR = 2V. Collector-emitter breakdown voltage is 30V (min) @IC = 1mA; with emitter-collector breakdown voltage of 5V (min) @IE = 100µA. Collector dark current is 100nA (max). Collector-emitter saturation voltage is 0.4V (max); and the on-state collector current varies from 1mA (min) to 6mA (max). Operating temperature range is from -40°C to +85°C.

The OPB200 slot measures 0.200"/5.1mm wide, with a depth of 0.320"/8.1mm, and the overall board-mounted profile of the device is 0.400"/10.16mm. Lead length is 0.425" with spacing of 0.400".

Typical pricing for the OPB200 is $0.92 each in quantities of 1,000; lead time, if stock is not available, is from 8 to 10 weeks.

For further information please visit:, or email the TT electronics North America Sales Office at To access the data sheet and other product information for the OPB200 slotted switch, visit:

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