Slitting Tool System suits Trumpf style punch presses.

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Utilizing wear-resistant M4PM(TM) tool steel for extended tool life, fully OEM-compatible Mate LongLife(TM) includes rectangle and oval punch inserts that come in 5 standard inch and metric sizes. Insert punch holder options include one with integral alignment ring and another requiring heavy-duty alignment ring. Die inserts, made from M4PM high-speed steel, come in 5 inch and metric sizes and 11 discrete die clearances. Die insert holders are available for 56 and 76.2 mm long inserts.

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New Mate LongLife(TM) Slitting Tool System for Trumpf Style Punch Presses Features M4PM(TM) Tool Steel for Long Life Operation

Anoka, Minnesota: Mate Precision Tooling announces introduction of its new Slitting Tool System For Trumpf style punch presses featuring M4PM tool steel.

Fully OEM compatible, Mate LongLife is the market's only punch press tool slitting system utilizing M4PM tool steel. This tool steel provides the highest tool performance with superior wear resistance and increased toughness, resulting in higher quality punched parts and longer tool life.

"Made of M4PM tool steel, Mate LongLife is designed to replace conventional punches and dies, thereby delivering exceptional value to the fabricating process," reports John Galich, Mate marketing manager. "It provides fabricators with another option to improve productivity and profitability."

M4PM is a proprietary metallurgical steel composition that utilizes a special particle metallurgical manufacturing process and triple temper heat treatment resulting in the world's finest tool steel for use in punching tools, reports Galich.

Mate LongLife consists of the following tool components with these benefits:

Punch Inserts extend tool life: Mate LongLife punch inserts are manufactured from M4PM steel to improve piece part quality and provide the maximum interval between regrinds. They are available in two shapes: rectangle and oval and five standard inch and metric sizes. They are also available with Maxima(TM) coating.

Punch Insert Holders speed setup: A choice of two insert punch holders is available. One includes an integral alignment ring for fast and precise tool setup. The second requires a heavy duty alignment ring to allow manual angle setting flexibility. Another important feature, these Mate LongLife punch holders work with conventional machine strippers.

Die Inserts: Made from M4PM high speed steel, they have exceptional die strength and high wear resistance. They are available in five standard inch and metric sizes and with 11 discrete die clearances.

Die Insert Holders Have Precise Orientation: Die inserts are assembled into one of two die insert holders - one to suit the 56 mm long inserts and one to suit the 76.2 mm inserts. These die insert holders include precise angular orientation at 0 and 90 degrees for maximum flexibility.

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