SkyMax with Innovations at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2012 + Lightglass in Range for the First Time + Optimised Technology with Sky-Tender + Expansion to Latin America

Hamburg - SkyMax brings innovations into the aircraft cabin. At this year's Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, the company is presenting some interesting innovations: These include the optimised, fully-automated beverages trolley Sky-Tender, the new G.skyGlass for out-fitting aircraft cabins and the electronic cigarette Fumidus. "Sky-Tender will be starting its in-flight testing phase in the second half of the year. SkyMax has been constantly optimising the beverage trolley's technology right until these final stages, ", says Managing Director Oliver Kloth. "Our new light glass has considerably better properties than polycarbonate, but is just as lightweight", says Kloth.

In Hall 6B at stand 62 SkyMax welcomes the trade fair visitors together with ALROUND e.V., an amalgamation of companies and research institutes in the aerospace industry. SkyMax will be increasingly distributing its products to the booming aircraft industry of South America with further headquarters in Rio de Janeiro.

Sky-Tender redefines beverage service for the aircraft

In conjunction with the German company Air-Eltec Luftfahrttechnik, SkyMax GmbH has developed the first fully-automated patented beverage trolley in the world, and has thus created an outstanding innovation for the aircraft cabin. "Negotiations with several airlines are already at a very advanced stage", says Kloth.

The trolley, which makes up to 20 different types of beverage at the touch of a button, has been technically optimised and the design refined during the last few months. The original ten syrup pumps and corresponding valves were redesigned as 20 substantially smaller pumps. This way, the cabin crew is able to tap the same drink at the same time from both sides and hereby deliver a fast and efficient service.

Preparation of CO2 in the so-called carbonisator was also replaced for another model with measuring probes so that better results in mixing of the CO2 could be achieved.

Light glass for out-fitting the aircraft cabin

As from now SkyMax is supplying the new, light G.skyGlass for partition walls, doors, showers or mirrors in the aircraft cabin. Light glass is a glass laminate which is composed of a high-strength interlayer and two 0.7 millimetre thin panes of glass. The composite is practically half as light as conventional glass and has the highest degree of splinter binding as well as an excellent structural capacity.

With a thickness of 5.34 millimetres, for example, and a weight of 6.86 kilogrammes per sqm, it is practically as light as the polycarbonate used in aviation. Thus the lightweight glass combines an extremely high degree of safety with the low weight of plastics. At the same time it also retains the feel and optical properties of clear glass.

SkyMax's product range for indulgence

The flight comfort of passengers also plays a major role for SkyMax GmbH. Through its high-quality and individual design as well as technical refinements, Fumidus has now evolved into the "brand of the stars". "Airlines find the Fumirette 2go most suitable, as it is an electronic disposable cigarette that promises a turnover of ten euros on three square centimetres of space on the tender. From lanyards, matching the outfit, up to inlay work with Swarovski crystals, Fumidus provides its consumers with countless variations. Anybody can have their own Fumirette designed any way they like - snake leather, sterling silver or special engravings - the sky is not the limit.

The premium IFE audio in-flight entertainment headphones are a further highlight in the product range. The series has been designed bearing in mind the different demands, from economy up to first class. It spans from passive disposable "in-ear buds" up to technically-sophisticated, active noise-cancelling headphones, also for the INCAM system. With SHATLER's ready-to-serve cocktails flight passengers are regaled with universal quality and an infinite variety.

About SkyMax

The SkyMax GmbH specialises in the development of new concepts and marketing of innovative products for the aircraft cabin. The objectives are to improve comfort for the passenger as well as providing additional revenue opportunities for the airlines. The company was established in 2009 and is based in Isernhagen, near Hanover. Managing Director Oliver Kloth is also a board member of the Aktionsgemeinschaft luft- und raumfahrtorientierter Unternehmen in Deutschland (ALROUND).

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