SKODA AUTO (Volkswagen Group) Selects Kineo CAM for Dynamic Digital Mockup Analysis

TOULOUSE, France, October 3rd 2006: Kineo C.A.M. announces that SKODA AUTO has selected Kineo Path Planner(TM) , their standalone dynamic collision checking solution, whose ability to automatically find and generate mounting and dismounting trajectories has proved to ideally complement SKODA AUTO's existing DMU Analysis Methods and Processes. This new methodology will enable SKODA AUTO's engineering teams to benefit from long-term cost savings and efficiencies by ensuring that such aspects as Serviceability and Manufacturability are analyzed earlier and verified at each and every step of the virtual vehicle development.

The deployment of Kineo C.A.M's technology at SKODA AUTO starts with the DMU Virtual Prototype department where Kineo Path Planner(TM) is used to:

Assess and validate design proposals very quickly for manufacturability or serviceability directly on the Digital Mockup

Perform more mounting/dismounting simulations in less time than ever before

Eliminate or at least minimize the likelihood to be confronted with costly Design changes at the Hardware Vehicle Prototype stage.

"The key factors of choice have been the high performance of Kineo C.A.M's Path Planning Technology and the results reliability of Kineo Path Planner(TM), both leading to very rapid decisions with the Digital Mockup and therefore to a significant productivity gain", explains Lubos Patka, EOV department - Process and System Integration, SKODA AUTO.

"The geometrical check of serviceability and manufacturability issues directly on the Digital Mockup is critical. It is indeed really time wasting to simulate advanced processes, for instance ergonomics or robotics studies, prior having carefully checked on the Digital Mockup that all component parts can be mounted or dismounted. Enabling to virtually study much more in less time while increasing overall product quality and reducing risk, this is Kineo C.A.M.'s value added proposition for even shorter vehicle development times", says Mickael Reux, Business Development Manager, Kineo CAM.

About Kineo Path Planner(TM)

Kineo Path Planner(TM) is a software tool specialized in finding and generating collision-free trajectories in a totally automatic way within a highly constrained 3D environment.

It perfectly fits in your current CAD/PDM methodology and environment thanks to direct data exchange capabilities and therefore ideally complements the existing tools for diverse assembly/disassembly studies throughout the whole vehicle design cycle.

More information on Kineo Path Planner(TM)

About Kineo CAM

Kineo Computer Aided Motion (Kineo CAM), granted the 2005 IEEE/IFR innovation award, is the independent software developer of the leading technology for Automatic Motion and Path Planning, KineoWorks(TM). Being focused on the development of unmatched efficient solutions, Kineo CAM addresses large companies and institutions in the United States, Europe and Japan. Kineo CAM's main market is PLM. In this area, the large range of solutions, from stand-alone to fully integrated software, enables digital mock-up users to save money and time in Product Design (validation of mechanical mounting/dismounting) and Process (simulation of operations in cluttered 3D environments). Visit the web site:

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