Skid Steer Loaders feature vertical lift linkage.

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Model 252B features 2,500 lb capacity and net power of 70 hp, while 78 hp Model 262B offers 2,700 lb capacity. Both are equipped with Cat 3044C DIT 3.3 liter engine and provide max travel speed of 11 mph. Model 242B employs turbocharged Cat 3024C T engine, and Model 232B uses 3024C engine. Hydraulic system includes 5 micron spin-on filter and hydraulic oil cooler that allows machines to perform in high temperatures.

Original Press Release:

Four Vertical Lift Caterpillar® B-Series Skid Steer Loaders Feature Improved Power and Performance

The new Caterpillar B-Series Skid Steer Loader line features four models with vertical lift linkage in addition to the all-new 268B. The 232B, 242B, 252B and 262B offer more power and performance as well as improved comfort, reliability and serviceability when compared to the models they replace.

Two of the B-Series machines offer increased capacity and significantly more power than the previous models. The 252B has 2,500 pounds of capacity, 11 percent more capacity, and 70 hp (52 kW)-an increase of 18.5 percent. The 262B offers capacity of 2,700 pounds (1225 kg), 8 percent more than the previous model, and net power is up more than 5 percent to 78 hp (58 kW). Capacity and power increases enable the machines to do more work in less time.

Both the 252B and the 262B feature a new engine, the Cato 3044C DIT. It has 3.3 liters displacement and is direct injected and turbocharged for responsive and fuel-efficient operation. The 242B employs a turbocharged Cat 3024C T engine, and the 232B uses the 3024C engine. The electronically controlled engines are U.S EPA Tier 2 compliant.

In addition to engine improvements, the 242B is now available with optional high flow hydraulics for powerful operation of work tools driven by the auxiliary hydraulic circuit. Two fixed displacement gear pumps provide flow and pressure of 26 gpm (100 L/min) at a maximum pressure of 3,335 psi (23 000 kPa). The high flow hydraulics option expands the versatility and capabilities of the 242B.

All four machines share B-Series design improvements. The B-Series hydraulic system design reduces the number of potential leak points and improves reliability and cleanliness. A 5-micron spin-on filter keeps hydraulic oil clean, and a high-efficiency hydraulic oil cooler allows the machines to perform optimally even in high ambient temperatures.

The hydraulic system also provides power to drive the wheels. The 252B and 262B each offer a two-speed option. It boosts maximum travel speed to 11 miles per hour (17.8 kmh) for both machines. Maximum travel speed for the standard 252B is 6.9 miles per hour (11.2 kmh), and for the 262B it is 7.2 miles per hour (11.6 kmh). The two-speed option can increase productivity when frequent moves around the site are required.

All four B-Series loaders employ the proven anti-stall system and pilot hydraulic joystick controls that make Caterpillar Skid Steer Loaders easy to operate. B-Series improvements
include a deluxe joystick design that incorporates positive action buttons to control work tool hydraulic or electrical functions. An ergonomically designed arm bar is rounded and sculpted to provide superior operator comfort, and the redesigned gauge panels are easy to read. The B-Series cab offers a new door option with 25 percent more glass, which
improves sight lines to the working area. The new door also incorporates a new loader lock out function that prevents loader arm movement when he door is open. A standard convex rearview mirror gives the operator a wider view behind the machine, and the lights are now adjustable 10-degrees up and down as well as side-to-side to suit the task and the operator's preference.

Ease of service is designed into each B-Series Skid Steer Loader. The rear service door opens 90 degrees for easy access to both sides of the in-line-mounted engine. The machine is configured for straightforward access to the oil filter and air cleaner as well as fluid level check points. The cooling fan and air conditioning compressor are hydraulically driven to eliminate the maintenance required by belt drives. A higher alternator rating and battery rating improve reliability, as does a simplified wiring harness. For access to hydraulic pumps, motors and valves, an individual can tilt the cab rearward by using a single tool. A self-latching mechanism holds the cab in place.

With 10 different Cat B-Series Skid Steer Loaders to choose from, selecting the right machine for the job is made easier by consulting the local Caterpillar dealer or by using the Build and Quote application on-line. Both the Cat dealer web site and offer Build and Quote, which enables the customer to configure features for his requirements, review MSRP and request a custom quote from the local dealer.

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