Sizing Bakery Mix from a Dryer

A manufacturer of bakery mix approached Quadro to help them size industrial baking ingredients coming from their drum dryer. The mixture consisted of oil, sugar, flavors and flour. The material left the dryer in a flake form. However, the flakes first needed to be cooled and then reduced to a consistent particle size prior to packaging.

To effectively size the product, the manufacturer applied a Quadro® Comil® with a specially-designed, nitrogen cooling system. Liquid nitrogen was introduced to reserve the product characteristics during milling. The Comil® reduced the material to the correct particle size (a PSD of 100% below 8 mesh) at the capacity levels required by the manufacturer. Due to its low heat production, the material was sized without blinding the screen and preventing costly line shutdowns.

Ten (10) fully scalable Quadro® Comil® models are available for a variety of applications, and dependent upon product capacities can range up to 54,500 kg/hr (120,000 lb/hr). Meets all international safety standards including OSHA/CE/ATEX, and is manufactured to cGMP standards.

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