SIXNET Offers Etherbus® - The Best of Ethernet, PoE and Fieldbus Technology

SIXNET's latest technical innovation is the Etherbus® line of industrial PoE (Power over Ethernet) products. Etherbus® combines the best of Ethernet, PoE and Fieldbus technology into a powerful series of Ethernet switches, power injectors and splitters, power supplies, Kevlar-rugged cabling and IP67 connectors.

At the heart of Etherbus® are standard Ethernet (802.3) and PoE (802.3af) making it truly open. Etherbus® is "Every bus" because it passes any and all Ethernet message packets regardless of origin or protocol. Etherbus works with Modbus/TCP, Profinet, and Ethernet/IP... (the list is endless). Etherbus® works with PoE devices as well as non-PoE devices. It can even deliver standard +24 VDC to your field mounted devices - even non-Ethernet devices.

The EB-5ES-PSE (5-port) industrial Ethernet PoE switch provides advanced performance that enables you to achieve real-time deterministic operation. The four PoE ports automatically sense and support both PoE and non-PoE (traditional) Ethernet devices.

The EB-PD industrial PoE splitters convert the 48 VDC from your PoE lines to 24 VDC to power your conventional (non-PoE) Ethernet devices. These ruggedized splitters are industrial hardened to provide superior reliability.

The EB-PSE industrial PoE injectors add 48 VDC power into 1 or 2 Ethernet ports so that you can pass power and data over the same wire to your Ethernet devices in the field. All these PoE devices will save you time and money by eliminating the need for separate power wiring.

The EB-PS-AC48-75 and -120 industrial power supplies put 48 VDC for your Etherbus system and are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the industrial devices that they power. They are ideal for any industrial application where consistent performance and long-term reliability are a must.

The EB-CAT5E industrial Ethernet cable is reinforced by Kevlar, making it extremely tough! Combine it with the EB-RJF rugged quick-latching connectors to create the most rugged cable sets in the world. When you need the security of IP67 protection, these cables and connectors on your side.

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