Six-Slot ATCA Shelf is designed for high-density systems.

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Offering space for 6 node AdvancedTCA blades in 6U shelf, Perform Series accommodates telecom and data communications applications requiring high availability, fault management, and real-time performance. HUB functionality is integrated in standard shelf management boards, and 10 Gbps backplane exceeds ATCA standard. Compliant with NEBS (GR63) cooling requirements, solution has fault-tolerant airflow design and employs two 38 mm fan trays with 8 fans each to support 300+ W per slot.

Original Press Release:

Asis Introduces Revolutionary Designed 6-Slot AdvancedTCA Shelf

Innovative Shelf Provides Space for 6 NODE ATCA Blades in a Compact 6U Shelf - Standard Shelf Management Boards Include Integrated HUB Functionality

San Diego and Las Vegas - June 16, 2008 - Asis (, a global designer and manufacturer of complete enclosure systems for AdvancedTCA, CompactPCI and custom applications, today announced the introduction of its new Perform Series 6-slot AdvancedTCA shelf. Specifically designed for high-density systems, the shelf offers greater performance, reliability and availability than current solutions found on the market today.

The unique and revolutionary design of the new Asis 6-slot AdvancedTCA shelf provides space for 6 node ATCA blades in a 6U (10.5 inch) shelf making it well suited for telecom and data communications products that require high availability, fault management and real-time performance. Moreover, HUB functionality is already integrated in the standard shelf management boards.

The full featured shelf manager is based on Pigeon Point(TM) 500 shelf management module (ShMM) and features a unique HPI-based software module, offering seamless access to the shelf control and management interface. The new shelf also features unique distribution of sensors, and comprehensive alarm I/O. Asis' proprietary Basic shelf manager is based on a PowerQuick processor and cost reduced ShMM. Lastly, Asis' fan control board automatically controls chassis temperature using dedicated temperature sensors located inside the chassis or controlled by the ATCA blade/switch using I2C bus.

With support for over 300 watts per slot and compliance with the strict NEBS (GR63) cooling requirements, the Perform Series 6-slot shelf surpasses the current solutions found in the market both in normal stage and in any failure condition. Featuring a fault-tolerant airflow design, two 38mm fan trays with eight high performance fans each and patented air flow technology, the Perform 6-Slot shelf push-pull cooling maximizes air flow to assure the highest-level of heat reduction. Asis' advanced cooling scheme also enables customization of the air flow according to user's specific needs - allowing extreme high power dissipation from selected slots. For applications requiring more than 300 watts per slot, the Perform Series airflow can be easily customized to meet specific thermal requirements.

The AC/DC 6-Slot Perform Series also features a 10gbps backplane that exceeds the AdvancedTCA standard while ensuring signal integrity. These enhanced capabilities are based on extensive practical experience and comprehensive Signal Integrity studies which led to the unique optimization of the backplane. In addition, the new shelf also incorporates three redundant and hot-swappable 1500 watt power supplies. For DC applications, the shelf also features hot-swappable and redundant -48VDC PEM.

These standard features together with exceeding MTBF and MTRR of the AdvancedTCA standard, makes the Perform Series 6-slot a perfect solution for high-availability blade applications. Available now, the NEBS ready RoHS compliant Perform Series 6-slot Shelf is designed to meet the requirements of CE, UL, TUV, EMC, and FCC. For more information on the Perform Series, call 858-880-3967 or visit

About Asis:
Asis is a global designer and manufacturer of complete enclosure systems for ATCA, CompactPCI, and custom applications. Actively involved in the formation of the ATCA standard since its inception in 2001, Asis has been chosen by Intel to co-develop the market's first ATCA chassis. Asis' goal is to lead the ATCA market by leveraging its expertise in high-speed interconnect and thermal modeling to develop ATCA products that exceed the standard in performance and availability.

By combining global design and manufacturing capabilities, Asis can offer unique flexibility and responsiveness to the client's specific needs. With this unique service-oriented approach, Asis is able to deliver the most complex projects in record time. Leading global manufacturers such as Lucent-Alcatel, ECI, Audio-Codes, Telco Systems and Polycom depend on Asis' system expertise.

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