Sitop Selection Tool Version 3 Extended to Include Uninterruptible DC Power Supplies

Nuremberg, Germany. The fast and efficient selection of uninterruptible power supplies (DC UPS) is now possible for the first time with just a few clicks using the new version of the "Sitop Selection Tool" from the Siemens Industry Automation Division. Alongside DC power supplies, the selection aid also encompasses uninterruptible DC power supplies with capacitor and battery technology.

After entering the key parameters such as buffer time or load current with a click of the mouse, the relevant capacitor or battery systems and their respective performance features are displayed. For the ultimate in handling convenience, the tool adjusts the possible input ranges of other parameters dynamically depending on the input, whereby changes to the selection parameters are possible at any time.

In addition, when selecting several configurations it is possible to compare the selected DC UPS devices on the basis of their performance features.

The user is offered the option of displaying all data, all identical data or all differing data. The relevant DC UPS configuration can then be entered in the product list. It is also possible to select more than one configuration.

Users can then save the selection result as an Excel or Adobe file, or send it to their shopping cart in the Industry Mall (online catalog and ordering system for automation and drive systems) to place an order. The Sitop Selection Tool also provides immediate access to additional information such as 3D data, circuit diagram macros, operating instructions or certificates relating to all the products.

Siemens Sitop Selection Tool

Siemens Sitop Power Supply

Siemens Industry Mall

Step 1: Based on major parameters including buffer time or load current, suitable DC UPSs are selected
Step 2: In a more detailed selection, several DC UPS configurations can be compared on the basis of their performance characteristics
Step 3: The DC UPSs transferred to the list of products can be either placed directly in the Industry Mall's shopping cart or exported

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