Sit/Stands support workers with urethane foam.

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BioFit GX Series sit/stands, for laboratory and shop workers, are stools with features of ergonomic chairs to allow semi-sitting position. Soft Touch pneumatic mechanism raises/lowers seat height. Contoured, ventilated, 13 x 13 in. seat has built-in handle for forward tilting and chemical-resistant skin. Models GX120 and GX150 have 5-legged tubular steel base with 23 in. leg spread and 20 in. dia fixed foot ring. Models GXT20 and GXT50 are equipped with 23 in. dia, trumpet-style base.

Original Press Release:

Biofit Introduces Urethane Sit/Stands for Comfort, Durability

BioFit® Engineered Products introduces urethane sit/stands that provide ergonomic benefits, durability and easy maintenance in industrial and laboratory settings.

The new BioFit GX Series sit/stands provide ergonomic support for workers in material handling, assembly and laboratory operations who normally stand for much of their workday. The sit/stands are stools with features of ergonomic chairs. They include a "Soft Touch" pneumatic mechanism that enables a worker to raise and lower seat height by touching a paddle, as well as a contoured seat with built-in handle for forward tilting to accommodate work movements.

Whether used for intermittent relief or as a long-term replacement to standing, the BioFit sit/stands provide comfort and promote added worker productivity. These sit/stands help workers achieve a semi-sitting position that distributes weight more evenly, reducing weight on the feet and lower legs. The sit/stands also help prevent fatigue and muscle strain on the low back and provide stabilizing support for the hip joints, legs and feet.

BioFit GX Series sit/stands have a seat that is durable, easy to wash down and keep clean, and resistant to damage from water, lubricants, chemicals, inks, paints, coatings, engineering resins, and sharp tools or other objects. The 13 inch by 13 inch seat is made of molded urethane foam with a thick chemical-resistant skin. The seat has raised ventilation ribs for increased air circulation and water drainage, as well as built-in finger indentation for moving the sit/stand.

BioFit offers a footring on one of the two choices of bases available on its sit/stands. Models GX120 and GX150 feature a five-legged tubular steel base with 23-inch leg spread and a 20-inch-diameter fixed footring for additional support. Models GXT20 and GXT50 are equipped with a 23-inch-diameter trumpet-style base. All models feature black urethane and black metal finish.

Two ranges of seat-height adjustment are offered to help ensure that the sit/stand meets the needs of the application. Model GXT20 with trumpet base and model GX120 with tubular base and footring feature a seat-height adjustment range of 22 inches to 29 inches from the floor. Models GXT50 with trumpet base and GX150 with tubular base and footring have a range of 25 inches to 35 inches from the floor.

For more information about GX Series sit/stands, contact BioFit by toll-free phone at 1-800-597-0246 (U.S. and Canada) or email at or visit the BioFit website (

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